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  1. Item SOLD and Collected by a nice bro. Thank you.
  2. T5 light set for 2ft tank. 3 X T5 tubes (3 x 24W), included 2 white and 1 blue tubes. 2 Switches at the side to control the light set. Free : RIO 600 Powerhead (rather noisy) and Free : Left over about 1/3 packet of Marine Sand (Fine grade). Location : Self collect at my house near Tampines Mart (Tampines St.32) Price : $30 Priority will be given to those who can collect ASAP. Can collect in morning, afternoon too. Thank you.
  3. All items SOLD and Collected. Thank you for all your responses. Sorry if I can't reply to all.
  4. Thanks for all you interest. I've a deal and will contact those in the queue if there is any back up. Thanks once again for all your interest. Sorry if I didn't reply asap or your sms soon.
  5. Priority will be given to those who can collect asap. I'm also available in the daytime too.
  6. 2ft Sump Tank include stand (with 2 plywood top and bottom), with Ehiem Return Pump, SEIO flow pump, Macro Skimmer - all for S$50 only! Self collect at my house in Tampines (near Tampines Mart, St.32). Additional Free Items; - 2ft tank with contents like live rocks, 2 fishes, etc. (tank is normal tank thickness) - DIY Overflow box - all pipings (you have to self connect and setup not included) - DIY APC (Automatic Pump Control with 2 float switches) - many test kits, etc (may or may not expired, I really don't know and pls don't ask me to check one by one). I will try to clean up to my best but can only try my best. Live rock if you want but with glass anemone, and other contents in tank if you want - all free. But pls allow me few days to clear the tank content first before collection upon confirmation. Thank you. Giving up hobby. 2ft Sump Tank; Stand (a little bit rust); Ehiem Return Pump (Sorry don't remember the rating and model); SEIO Flow Pump (don't remember model number); Macro Skimmer; Free Items: 2ft tank; DIY Overflow Box; DIY Automatic Pump Control; refer to here. Many test kits, etc; Thank you.
  7. Why the need for the diy fan when you have the chiller??
  8. Oh my goodness - is this a Science Park Project???
  9. Is Rainbow Monti also like the other monti considered as SPS?
  10. That is an expensive poison man!
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