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  1. With both fans (this is dc fan) on for about 19 to 20hrs a day, the temp. will not go beyond 30deg. Lowest is 27 deg. Ave. temp around 28 deg. Evaporation rate is about 1.5l per day. Cool days around 1l.
  2. Thank you bro. More pics and update soon.
  3. Thanks. Will show the ls with pic later. Currently onli 2 damsels, 2 orangy anthias liked fish, and 2 gobies... plus maybe 5 snails cleaning crew.
  4. Here is my full tank shot. Not fully stock up yet. The tank is cooled by 2 80mm fan on top.
  5. Sump to Main tank. Note there is a float switch in the return pump compartment - if the water level is too low, it will cut off the pump. The return pump is the Ehiem 1250.
  6. Some improvement after I've shortened the hose from pump to skimmer. Should be better if I shorten it some more, but next time hehe. Frankly, I would prefer to upgrade to a better skimmer than this.
  7. The Macro Skimmer hose need to be shorten to increase the efficiency.
  8. Tank is normal 2ft : 2ft x 1ft x 1.5ft height. Sump : 2ft x 11" x 11" height. Light : 3x24W T5 HO 2 X 80mm DC Fan (No chiller) Skimmer : Macro AS100P Return Pump : Ehiem 1250 Overflow : DIY Auto Pump Cutoff : DIY History : The LR in this tank is almost 2yrs already and still no coraline algae on it. After I've the sump made, decided to get test kits like pH, kH, Ca and Mg. I've never measured these before except Nitrite, Nitrate and PO4. The initial test shows ok except Ca is way out too high at 755ppm and Mg at 1455ppm. Change 50% of water and thereafter 20% change weekly until all within parameters more or less. Now : Finally coraline algae started to grow and parameters are; pH : 8.4 kH : 10.6 Ca : 380ppm Mg : 1200ppm Sorry for the untidy pipe setup done by myself. Really have to say hate to do piping work. Since it's working ok, don't feel like redo unless something goes wrong again hehe. Should have make the pipe from tank to sump 1 size bigger though, maybe next time.... My simple 4 compartment sump;
  9. Wah, starting a seafood business??? Nice one!
  10. Thanks for the infos. I don't think it's damsel family as it's not aggressive. Think it does look like anthias family but it's not as shy. A bit also like the chromis shape too. Juz couldn't find this color on the web too. I bought them at the I aquarium in Pasir Ris.
  11. Can help to id this orangy fish? Is it reef safe?
  12. Do you think using male prawns are better than female???
  13. That's a good info. Guess most Macro skimmer users are having the Rio needle wheel pump which are IMO not so efficient. I'm talking about the Macro AS100P, any recommendation whether can it be replaced by a Aquabee of similar wattage (think it's about 21watt and 1100l/hr)? Thanks.
  14. Yep, I thought you got more corals than that??? BTW, it looks nice too after the rescape!
  15. Nice tank you have with simple setup! 51L tank is 2ft tank?
  16. Thanks to all for bidding this nano cube. The winner of the bid is Sapp with $69 at 1pm sharp. I'll be contacting you via PM, pls check your PM shortly. Thank you.
  17. Pls be reminded that bidding ends TODAY at 1.00pm sharp. Thank you and happy bidding.
  18. Pls be reminded that the Closing Date and Time is Tomorrow, 15 Sep 2006(Friday) at 1pm. The highest bid now is by Uncle Muthu at $60. Happy bidding.
  19. The dimension of the tank is approx. : 35.5cm (l) x 41cm (w) x 38cm (h). These are measured taken from the longest point as some portion are curved. So these are the biggest dimension possible in case you need to plan whether there is sufficient space for it. Also you may wish to allocate another 8cm width for the external ballast behind the tank and probably some space for the electrical plugs connectors. Hope it helps.
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