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  1. alamak, you know what i do for living what. whole december hols i online. had a week off diving too. My guild buddy is on like 14hrs, cos he's recoverin from surgery pk is cool, i'm thinking of going into a pvp server. there are all out wars sometimes, people form raid parties and attack the other faction towns. its madness! fifty players all whackin each other Singapore servers will be out in June, like i'm really gonna wait that long. i got my copy from software boutique at Funan. its so addictive , my wife has a lvl 18 Night elf hunter. she plays when i get tired..
  2. I have the game, been playing since it released late Nov. you cannot share the game as it is charged to a single account, you can have different characters but im not sure if you log in together. Im not sure how the LAN shops do it. there was some problem with the account creating as it only accepted credit cards with addresses from US, AUS or NZ addresses, but i think it has been fixed, but the servers are all US based. Ming, get it at $80, its cheap. but make sure its a new set with the 1st month free subscription. i got mine at $115. it def worth it! We can go questing tog
  3. yes when you disturb your DSB, trapped substances like years of detritus buildup and hydrogen sulphide are released into the water column. while doing a transfer, there will be a short cycling period in the new tank. you would want to keep your livestock in a seperate place for a whle when you transfer your LR and sand. test your water parems in the new tank before adding your LS/corals...pref one at a time, as the new tank wll take time to mature and acclimatize to the new bioload
  4. which phase of tank maturity are you at? starting/new? mature with high nutrients or mature with low nutrients? they require different dosages of zeobak/zeofood Zeovit also has some recommended running suggestions. one of them is without Iron Oxide Hydroxide (GFO) Phosphate Binders, in your case Rowaphos. Zeovit has its own phosphate removing properties, run the reactor with the 3hr on/off interval. How's your skimming? KH? running carbon? once everything is running properly, the results tend to be WOW!
  5. there is a sponge that is used for washing cars.., very thick but soft. like chamois. you can try that
  6. you might wanna use another brand of test kit. my experience with Sera.... highly inaccurate. you might wanna read this on PH and KH relationships http://www.advancedaquarist.com/issues/june2002/chem.htm
  7. bum

    Bar Girl!!!!

    Its working!!! 'strip' is a real mean.... cannot take the agony
  8. i'm pretty sure its wrong, what brand of test kits are you using?
  9. dun think so, water will probably flow over the zeoliths, you need for it to flow through it like the way it does through a fluidized reactor for a full effect.
  10. Just found out. Olinda out.... funny hor.,.. the better voices and performers cannot make the cut.
  11. ya la... you know when you listen more to class95 than perfect 10, you are in that era lor... the 'RETRO' people. nowadays, even Gold 90.5 is not bad. to me, the 'golden' days were the 80s. tea dances, discos, punk hairdos,BMX(yeah, they existed even before X-treme games), roller skates, walkmans(remember those?) SHIT!!! I'm old!
  12. alamak!! always too late. bro, next batch...me first hor
  13. I love D.M! my era.... didn't they just release a compilation a few years back? used to have the LDs of their concerts, now dunno where laio
  14. the lians jealous of her what... got rumour she and sly dating is she singing at brewerks again? miss her there. that time SI got clause say she cannot perform till it was over
  15. it's not that there are more bengs or lians... its that most Singaporeans are too cheapo to support. its the younger crowd who have the willingness to spend. and not many of them appreciate talent over good looks or presentation. honestly, how many people will bother or waste money to send an sms? i did, but i only support maia, when she was eliminated, i stopped watching. please..no offence but Leandra? sly? improved but no. taufik? he's good now....but he used to suck olinda has a really powerful voice.... but she doesn't cater to the masses...too butch, even in a dress
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