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  1. Thank you so much for your pictorial journal of the Kaiyukan Aquarium. My only regret is not taking the time-off to see the aquarium for myself when I was in Japan in Dec 2004. I'm simply blown-away by the diversity of marine life which can be found in this one aquarium! Manta-rays, a whale shark, hammer head sharks, Mola-Mola, etc. I can only hope to see such marine life when I'm diving.
  2. Hey Bro... Your tank is really filled with gems now! Good to see that everything is thriving so well in your tank! Must catch up real soon!
  3. Hey Bro... Very nice set-up! Your tank is always so neat & clean! Will definitely drop by your place to ogle at your tank real soon!
  4. Yeah... Never post in SRC for quite some time now. Joshua is heading to Wales for studies? Wow.. I didn't know that.. Yeah, must meet up for coffee to catch up! You prefer weekdays or weekends?
  5. If I am not mistaken, you need to be able to swim a min. of 200m without stopping. To want to go diving without knowing how to swim is like driving colour-blind. Too dangerous, if you ask me.
  6. I actually prefer it when your tank had less rocks. Something about the yellow backdrop which makes your tank stand out. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Wow bro... So many changes since I last saw pics of your tank! Alot of gems!
  8. I have an 80GB Ipod but I don't have movies, other than podcasts. I will ask my bro what program he uses for movies. He uses a Mac though.
  9. Anywhere in S.E Asia will be hit by the monsoon season. If you plan to travel within SEA, I suggest you go during after Feb.
  10. I have always loved the previous Audi TT.. but the new one... man....... I'm in love all over again!
  11. Man... I feel somewhat shallow in wanting this but.. but... I want the Audi TT Coupe!
  12. With Christmas fast approaching, what is on your wishlist for this year?
  13. Attach a calcium reactor to your set-up and you'll see coralline algae bloom.
  14. Alveoporas and jewels skeletons are very porous, thus very delicate. Like what nakazoru & Marineman have said, it is unlikely that the alveopora or jewel that caused your hand to itch. It could be something in the LRs that caused the irritation. There are 'tiny hairs' on the LRs and when they pierce your hand, it can cause quite an itch. Almost like a splinter.
  15. Bubbles will take anything meaty.. I used to feed them market prawn or white bait. Cut it up into small pieces before feeding it to Bubbles or Open brain. I would actually cut out the bottom part small plastic bottle and poke holes into the plastic. I would use this as a cover for the coral so that it can enjoy the food, without greedy tangs or shrimps stealing its food.
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