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  1. Rocks all sold and collected. Thanks for viewing.
  2. PM me for details. Price negotiable. Make me an offer. Cheers.
  3. Want to sell 25kg of Dry/Dead rock. These were all decommissioned from my 3footer tank . (Previously all were live rocks) All rocks free of any die offs as were jet sprayed once they were dead and dried . Consists of fist sized to bigger than palm sized ones. Some were previously bought as Fiji Live rocks. (Not Fiji Life Rock). Selling as a whole. No separate sales . All to go for $250. PM me for more details.
  4. Hi there . All the live rocks in this 2ft tank to sell for $50. Or trade for live fish. If u have any fish wanting to let go . Let me know size and type. As I’ve upgraded to a slightly larger tank .
  5. Zoas Sold. Thread Closed. Thanks to all
  6. Decided to end BID early. Collection tonight if possible as i'm working thru the weekend. CHERCM will PM you details. Should there be no reply . Bid will go to next in Line. Thanks for support.
  7. Thanks for the compliment. But can't compare with your gems..
  8. New addition. First day and it's feeding on frozen Mysis, Pellets.
  9. Since there is a bidding craze going on I thought i'd join in just for fun. Got this frag for Bid. Pic taken with flash and with out. Can't get any clearer as camera not too good. 4 polyps. Starting Bid $2. No min increment. Bidding Ends. 25th Feb 2359. Please note that this Zoa is not a green man-eater zoa. Collection will be in the east side. Cheers
  10. No Worries Bro. Went to get water that day. Tank still the same size la. No upgrade. Still 3 footer Catch up sn.
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