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  1. Hi, need advice from the more experienced reefer. If I want to set up a QT to add in new fish and currently to treat my clown fish, do I need to do a full tank cycling or should I just set up with usual, mech, bio filter, use my DT water directly and do constant water change? Tank size is about 1ft cube. If the clown has no visible white spots just heavy breathing and white stringy poop, which medication should I use? Prazipro? Thanks in advance for advice.
  2. Is the speed of my wave maker too fast for my clove Polyps? Doesn't opened to be what I see in photos. VID_20201224_232018.mp4 VID_20201224_232018.mp4 VID_20201224_232018.mp4
  3. Looking for true Percula pair. Anyone selling please PM me.
  4. My shrimp survived and is alive and kicking in the tank.
  5. I decided to search for a remedy and found 2 or 3 videos on YouTube. It requires removing the isopod from the shrimp. So I tried it out and removed this from my cleaner shrimp. According to the video, shrimp should be OK. Let's hope mine survived.
  6. I discovered that there was a white patch on my cleaner shrimp yesterday and did a search on Internet. It is known as an isopod.
  7. Is that an isopod on my cleaner shrimp?
  8. Hmm. Most of the photos in the net I found shows that aiptasia has long tentacles. This one has extremely short hairy feature. My worry is that if I wait longer, it may spread. Will aiptasia move just like anemones?
  9. Managed to get a bigger picture. Is this aitapsia?
  10. Can anyone advise what is this on the rock?
  11. Hi, would like to find out from fellow reefer here if rock glue is always a must in rock scraping? I watch a lot of videos about rock scraping and almost everyone of them mentioned using glue. I always wanted to build rock scrapes without glue. Is that possible?
  12. Hi, is it possible to use those plant growing lights to grow Chaeto in Refugium?
  13. Pardon my ignorance. Can we consume the water from the RODI unit too? When I search for RODI on the net, it all points to aquarium applications. Therefore, I'm not sure if the RODI water produced is OK for our consumption. Thought of attaching the RODI unit to my kitchen tap. In this way, both my family members and the fishes get to enjoy the water.
  14. May I know if reefer here prefer their chillers to be installed in their cabinet or outside their cabinets? For chillers inside the cabinets, will it become inefficient or have to run a lot longer than those outside of cabinet.
  15. May I know what light are you running? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  16. I'm guessing reefer who kept sensitive corals will have a skimmer on standby? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  17. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  18. Hi everyone, re-starting this hobby and is looking around for equipment. Was reading and watching YouTube videos about skimmers and I would like to ask when the pump for the skimmer is spoilt, can I just look for a replacement pump of any brands with similar flow rate? Or must I get a replacement from the skimmer manufacturer?
  19. I have one 25L jerry can for sale at $5. Collection at Kampong Arang area, it's near Kallang Park Mac and KFC. PM me contact no.
  20. Pics as shown below. Collection time mainly weekdays after 7pm.
  21. Collect in the East. Near Kallang Park Mac/KFC. PM me if interested.
  22. 2FT T5 light to give away. Those high output type but can't remember exact specs. One tube is more bluish in color, one whiter. Comes with fixture for 2ft tank set up.
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