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  1. Hey Dr Evil, yes so sorry! I paid S$150 for it I must have been thinking of other equipment I saw in HK, as I saw a wide range of stuff.
  2. Current equipment is: Tank, Crystal 3 sides - 40cm H x 46cm W x 43cm D Sump - 30cm H x 38cm W x 28cm D Cabinet, Teak - 100cm H x 50cm W x 40cm D Skimmer, Bubble Magus 3.5 Return Pump, Aque Bee UP 2000 Lighting, Maxspect 60W LED Chiller Hailea HC 130 Chiller pump - cant remember Regarding the chiller, yes its a bit noisy - the cooling fan is what is noisy, plus the front cover rattles a bit. However, you can still bear it in the living room. If you want a quiet chiller be prepared to pay a lot more. Btw, I bought a quiet fan and tried that in the chiller but the reduced cooling meant that the chiller just would not chill the water enough so I had to put the original fan back in.
  3. I have included a pic of the sump in post #5, although its not very clear. Basically the sump has 4 compartments - one for the skimmer, one for mechanical filter, one for activated carbon or other additive and a final one where the return pump is. I will try and take a better pic sometime soon. Yes, the chiller is outside the cabinet, next to it and I built a wooden cover for it n stained it teak, so that it matches the cabinet. I'll include a pic of that soon too. The chiller (Hailea HC 130) is rated for 50-300 litre tanks and my setup is about 90 litre total. The chiller kicks in about once an hour for 15 minutes each time - I have the temp set at 27 C. The tank and sump design was by me but I had those items made by a reputable local tank maker (but I was unhappy with the quality). Total cost excluding livestock is about SGD$1200.
  4. This is my first review so don't complain if there is insufficient info I bought a Bubble Magus 3.5 needle wheel skimmer for my 18" x 17" x 16" nano tank. Total water capacity, inc. sump, is 90 litres or 24 gallons (roughly). The skimmer works extremely well. It comes with inbuilt pump (of course, being a needle wheel) and overall is extremely quiet. It started producing skimmate on the second day and that was when I was only cycling the tank with live rock! No I have a fully stocked tank, the skimmer is doing an excellent job of producing skimmate. Sorry, I have not taken any pics of the skimmate - anyway, you all know what it looks like. The skimmer operation / water level is extremely easy to adjust. However, you need to make sure that you fully the operating instructions and do not exceed the maximum height of the external water level otherwise you wont be able to back off the internal water level and your overflow cup will truly overflow. Ignore the price in the following link, as that is not the Singapore price. I paid just over SGD$200 in Singapore. However, if you are going to HK, you can buy the same skimmer for almost half the price. http://bubblemagusskimmers.com/catalog/bubble-magus-protein-skimmer-bmnac35-p-951.html?osCsid=6bd05e39f0a803c08579092ef7deb10a
  5. Not sure if all the photos uploaded correctly
  6. Bubble Magus 3.5 needlewheel skimmer (has internal pump). I highly recommend it. See my thread
  7. Coral beauty and one of the cardinals
  8. Tail spot blennie - real cute fish!
  9. Little red fish - can anyone please name it?
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