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  1. As long it is not extreme small worm like structure (Fluke), they are fine... I've plenty
  2. You could use a Y joint to split the output (parallel), but u need a stong pump to support both eqpt, which in return consume more elec (more heat). I used to connect in series for my Q-tank, but usually this setup will not be strong enough to support the skimmer. What eqpt are you using? In the worst case scenario, if your tank has matured with lots of life rocks / sandbed, I would take the skimmer with high flow rate to ensure sufficient circulation.. As for corals, i recommend you to do some homework about the chemistry requirements.
  3. 2 units of manifold to clear more space in storeroom. Price: Any reasonable amount Collection @ punggol. First come first serve.
  4. The shop opp ah beng has 2 units, but I am not sure what model though.
  5. check out basement 1, sim lim tower
  6. Peltier design... I guess it works the same way as iceprobe. The electrical consumption will be quite high i supposed. There's a thread on this at another local freshwater forum. Maybe they have information on sourcing the components.
  7. I've super micro ones all over the tank wall... Mandrain fish should solve the problem rite??
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