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  1. Sold. Thks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Upzz Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Pic Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Pic Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Approximately about 40kg. Nicely shaped pieces. The rocks are in a 3x2x2.5 ft tank as shown in the pic . Selling $200 for whole lot including delivery to you. Pls Pm to deal. Thanks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Sold. Thks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Used for 1.5 years letting go at $150. Please pm or wa to 97670190 to deal Collection at Toa Payoh Thanks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. Livestock available in Fish Channel: Caribbean: French Angels Blue Angels Gray Angels Townsend Angels Argi (cherub) angelfish Spanish hog Fish Blackcap Basslet Royal Gramma Yellow head jaw Fish Blue neon goby Yellow head wrasses (Halichoeres garnoti) Maldives: Flame goby Fire goby Exquisite wrasses Clarkii clown fish Black foot clown fish All Fish are feeding and stable. Please contact their boss Kellvin 96889151 for any queries. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. Hawaiian shipment at Fish Channel: Flame angelfish Potters angelfish Multicolor angelfish Goldflake angelfish (juvenile) Hybrid lemon peel angelfish Xmas island emperor angelfish Flame wrasse pair Rhomboid wrasse pair Mystery wrasse Yellow tang Kole tang Chevron tang Achilles tang Barlett Anthias Helfrichi goby Neopercularis hog Fish ( small) Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. 5ft Giesemann matrix 12 tubes lightset for sale at $2000. Used for about 1 year but with 12 new t5 Giesemann tubes just replaced 1 month ago. Come with hanging kit. Proven suitable to support SPS. For more info please refer to: http://www.giesemann.co.uk/matrix.htm
  12. Forget to add that it is very ideal for fish only due to the red, green, blue LED combination.
  13. Dear All Got the above lightset for sale. It is about 3 years old and working fine as it was serviced and overhaul by Vincent of Aquarium Artist about 9 months ago. The internal fan has been changed during the overhaul. Comes with both hanging kits and stand so you have options of how to mount it to your tank Letting go at $250. Thanks
  14. US and Mexico stock arrived at Fish Channel Stock: Angelfish: Holacanthus passer (Passer angelfish) (ML)Mexico Holacanthus ciliaris (Queen angelfish) (M, ML) Pomacanthus paru ( French angelfish) (M, Show) Pomacanthus arcuatus (Grey angelfish) (ML, XL) Holacanthus isabelita (Blue angelfish) (XL) Centropyge argi (Argi angelfish) Tang: Prionurus punctatus (Yellow tail tang) Mexico (Small) Acanthurus coeruleu (Atlantic blue tang) (M) Hogfish: Bodianus diplotaenia (Mexican Hogfish) (M)Mexico Bodianus rufus (Spanish hog) (XL, Show) Bodianus pulchellus (Cuban hogfish) (M, L) Wrasses: Scarus taeniopterus(Princess parrot ,Caribbean) (M) oxyjulis californaca (senorita wrasse)Mexico Thalassoma lucasanum(Cortez wrasses)(M, L) Mexico Others: Serranus tortugarum(Chalk basslet) Serranus tigrinus(Harlequin basslet) Gramma loreto(Royal gramma) Gramma melacara (Black cap) Big Chromis cyaneus ( Blue reef chromis) Elacatinus oceanops (Neon goby) Anisotremus virginicus (Atlantic Pork fish) Barnacle Blenny Apogon spp (Flame cardinal) Big& Red popeye catalufa pristigenys serrula Mexico
  15. Pm'ed you. Please get in touch asap. thanks
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