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  1. Small frags all sold Left only 2 frags of big size multiple branches. $50ea
  2. So inspiring!!! Or can i say TOO poisonous thread???
  3. Ermmmm to me it looks yellow so maybe u got to see it in own eyes to judge . Frag is about 2" tall and 3" wide for the $50 . Some will call it a mini colony
  4. Hi all I have 5 frags of yellow monti spongodes grown from 1 inch frag abt 6mths ago , now is with multiple branches as shown in pic. Photo taken using note3 ,it appears to be abit greenish but in actual looks very bright yellow. Pls use the egg crate to gauge the size of it. Price is $30-50. Pls watsapp 94771477 if interested , thanks. Collection will be at Marsiling
  5. Ermmmm superman palys are with red skirts Polar ice caps are with grey skirts [emoji4]
  6. http://www.zoaid.com/index.php?module=Gallery2&g2_itemId=5131 http://www.zoaid.com/index.php?module=Gallery2&g2_itemId=5027
  7. Yes under blue lights [emoji16] [emoji16] [emoji16]
  8. Another classic Candy apple red
  9. Heehee thanks bro but mine is only kids play comparing to those hardcore collectors [emoji15]
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