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  1. Want to sell a Blue Tang 4-5 inches from mouth to tail.. Pellet-feeding on Formula One & Formula Two by Ocean Nutrition. Looking at $40.. Kindly PM or sms/whatsapp to 90303729.. Collection at Jurong West..
  2. Reduced to $30 for those who can collect before wednesday this week..
  3. Selling this really nice piece of zoas at $60. About 100++ polyps.. See below for zoas under blue light(left pic), and mix of white and blue lights(right pic). Sorry about the photos, not really good with photo-taking. The real thing actually looks much nicer. Please PM your mobile number to me if interested. Thank you.
  4. Interested in lumi green GSP.. Please keep one frag for me! Thanks
  5. Hi all, Will the dymax astro light holder work with the par38 led? I read that the par38 required a e27 15w light holder.. And the dymax astro light holder have the exact same specification, just want to double confirm that it works before I go ahead and purchase the expensive par38 led.. thanks!
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