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  1. Bought at $120.00. Selling at $80.00. BUYER MUST COLLECT THIS WEEKEND. If interested, please whatsapp me at 96221910. WhatsApp Video 2021-02-18 at 12.09.20 AM.mp4
  2. Saw a few bags of peppermint shrimps at Pacific Reef yesterday afternoon.
  3. I used Vibrant on two tanks. The first tank has LPS, including octopus & hammer corals as well as soft corals such as mushrooms. Vibrant removed all the unwanted algae & more. The tank looked cleaner but the polyps of the octopus & hammer corals receded or closed up. All the mushrooms, including yumas shrank in size & looked shrivelled. This tank has a protein skimmer. In the second tank without a protein skimmer, all the unsightly algae disappeared & the gravel becomes cleaner. This tank has mostly yumas but they are unaffected. I dosed twice a week for both tanks
  4. Hi! Am keen. Pls arrange collection date. Regards Reefmania Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Hi. I'm keen on the golden clove colony. May I know how many polyps the colony has? Regards Greenmariner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I bought a splendid wrasse about 1 month ago from Fish Channel. Prior to buying the fish, Kelvin fed these leopard wrasses to show they were eating very well on pellets. At the time, there were more than 10 pieces. It is now doing very well in my nano-tank with only 1 feeding a day & sharing tank space with peaceful nano-fishes. However, I am feeding brine & mysis shrimps cos other nano-fishes are unable or unwilling to eat pellets.
  7. Two days ago, I tried to access the same website & received similar reply. I think it apply to all who tried to access from outside the U.S.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I will ensure that the female is much smaller in size than the male to pre-empt the problem of female aggression towards the male.
  9. Up! No one has ever added a female flame wrasse to a tank with an established male flame wrasse? That's interesting. Looks like I will be the first to do it as & when I can get hold of a female.
  10. Bought an alpha-male flame wrasse recently. Plan to introduce a female flame wrasse as & when it is available in lfs which could take weeks to months. My question is - when a female becomes available, the resident male would have become established in the tank. Would the resident male attack a newly introduced female? Any one with experience can advise?
  11. Hi Bro I'm contemplating to have a school of anthias. I understand the care level for Princess anthias range from moderate to difficult. Are your anthias already feeding? If they are, what food do you feed them?
  12. Did you acclimatise the red mushrooms before putting them into your tank? From experience, I found that acclimatising the corals by slowly dripping tank water into the holding bag prior to placement will prevent parameter shock which may lead to coral detachments from rocks. If you did not acclimatise the mushrooms, it could be a possible cause of detachments.
  13. You can try using Joe's Juice. I had aiptasia problem in the past. Then I bought a bot of Joe's Juice from Aquamarin. I squirt the stuff into the mouth of each & every aiptasia in my nano-tank. All died instantly. Very effective. No more aiptasia. Costs $19.00. This is definitely a sure-fire way to kill aiptasia. Much better than relying on copperband butterfly fish or peppermint shrimp. Also reef-safe.
  14. I recalled that when I was using this product, the measuring spoon came with the bottle.
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