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  1. Let's what I thought so . Upz for your sales!
  2. bro.. unpacked till 4am leh. can't ID 100% of everything.
  3. I guess no news is good news! Bro.. next time dial my hotline 91598572 to check whether I'm still around. I was still inside and it was raining Heavily. We closed at 7.30pm daily except for Sat & Sunday where we closed at 7pm. We are OFF on Mondays. "No Parking" was to dissuade 1 fellow who always park right into my doorway before my shop's opening since May 04.
  4. Any news on how the victim is now in hospital? I missed out the NEWS totally. Was worried for that poor chap in tie.
  5. If everyone buys same no., sure won't OPEN!
  6. That was around 15 mins later.
  7. They can't wait as the victim is bleeding from his mouth. The DAMNED driver was trapped in his van and can see fresh blood on his fingers BUT nobody CHAP him till the ambulance guy force open his door. He better be punished severly!
  8. Helped in pushing VAN away from CAR. Told by a civilian MEDIC not to disturb the victim till the fire engine guys come. The CAR owner. He was getting up the car when the VAN hit his car from behind from the left shop and not sure how he got dragged till that far to the right shop. VERY SERIOUS!!! 5 HOURS. Customer ###### Friend of my neighbour shop's owner.
  9. this is what she is snapping. NO MORE! Got quite shaken when I see all these and after helping to push the van away from the car. The car acessories workshop's boss was so pissed that he tear away the damn van's horn that malfunctioned.. no pic for that. ... and I missed the TV NEWS!
  10. finally out of car... but mouth filled with blood. can't take the shots too close...
  11. no time to wait for the fire engine guys!
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