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  1. BH I dun know you but would suggest you go chill, take a break and should you decide to revisit the forum, please drop a note You have got lots of virtual friends here. The door is always open for you. trigger99
  2. Used for 3 years. No filter media change needed for another 6 months. Just sent for servicing and flushing. Looking for $500 fixed. Already selling super low. Brand new sets will be at approx $1500 serious buyer please call me : 92760064. http://www.diamondew.com/dews.html best rgds
  3. chill man. I am aslo one of his victim. Am angry but life goes on. but what you guys are doing now and what you are posting really sucks! move on and get over it, man. what is with all these hatred? if you are not interested in his sales, then get out of the thread. trigger99
  4. Reefing as a hobby and being obsessed about reefing is totally different. When you need to log onto sgreef every 2hours, then you have a serious problem bro! When you eat, drink and sleep reefing , then that is obsession. everyone needs some form of balance in life regardless whether it is work, online gaming, clubbing..... etc etc. you need to be able to define what is committment/ dedication and obsession. I enjoy spending time with my niece, surfing net, having dinner with my wife etc etc and also enjoy setting up my reef. so it is all about balance. hope you will find your balance and priorities. and trust me, your priorities will change thru time. and you will need to re-priorities and reset your committments from time to time.
  5. I have a bad crooked lower spine. Each time I stand too long or play soccer, my back will ache like mad. I had a new problem the last 2 months! I had a tendon inflammation in my neck. think it was due to 1) rockscaping of my tank 2) working in a new enviroment (higher table etc) 3) aggravated it when i played tennis while already injured by 1 and 2 4) had a long distance flight to Germany with 1,2 &3 problems. Went to see doctors. gave me musles relaxant and painkillers. the painkillers are ineffective at all. Started seeing physio therapist in Novena square. The physio has managed to rectify 1 problem in my back, 1 in my elbow, 1 in my wrist. I did some ultra scanning and neck retraction exercise there. What happens is that the nerve is pinched by the bones and the muscles tensed up as a reaction........ the nerve in the neck affected the back and elbow and wirst, back of palm and the chest.. At one time, it was so bad that I cna only sleep uprght in a couch. for over 3 weeks, I had only 3 hours of interrupted sleep. In the morning, the pain in my elbow was so excruciating that I cannot move my hand and could not even pee..... no joke. it is only in the recent few days that I manage to grab 5 - 6 hours of sleep. The physio will be working with me (after this problem is solved) to create a set of exercise to strength my lower back. Will keep you folks posted. Anyone who encounters the same problem as me and need any advise, please feel free to pm me. In the mean time, in office, ensure that your screen is at eye level. your keyboard should be at a height where your elbow is bend at 90 degrees. sit upright against the back of the chair. Set an alarm every 30 mins to remind yourself to sit upright. good luck!
  6. nice! 2x 250W MH? wow! keep those pics coming.....
  7. fun but back breaking and my neighbours opposite must be wondering what the heck is that guy doing? moving rocks in and out every weekend for 2 - 3 hrs ??? This will be my final rockwork and will be refraining from moving any rocks again unless absolutely neccessary. I have yet to set up my calcium reactor. Has anyone set up the I-cal before? Would like to do it this weekend (most likely sunday) after i come back from Germany. Can anyone help? When should I start running my cal reactor? During the cycling period or after that? Also, what are the test kits that I need to stock up? Mg?, Cal? Phos?.... Any reccommendation? DO they sell these in sets? SO much more work to be done........ and so little time....
  8. it was real painful in the beginning and i keep getting the sharp pain when I used my left hand. I think i got pricked just about on every finger..... Then wala! I saw a small pincer.... those with flat edge and not pointed ones. Just randomly use it over the sore spots. After doing that for 20 mins while watching the Liverpool game, all the "foreign" spikes have been removed
  9. hi bluezing 1) What eats manti shrimps? triggerfish. 2) Are they reef-safe? no 3) Are the even useful to our tanks? no. they will eat small fishes. 4) What are the chances it will smash your tank? very small 5) Will it die due to starvation? no. 6) Is the clicking sound an indication of their presence? Could the clicking sound be given out by other stuff? either mantis or pistol to get rid of it, 1. leave the rocks in open space spary salt walter over it occassionally the manits will need to ocme out ot breathe 2. soak the roak in very high salinity water. the mantis and crabs will come out. check out my tank postings. i had 2 mantis and manged to get rid of them. good luck
  10. My thots: What sort of lifestyle do you want? If you want to stay in a HDB and have sufficient savings for neccessities and have more time for family, then go for it. If you aim to stay in a landed property and live life luxuriously, then work hard for it. Some people can enjoy life only when they have $$ to spend with their loved ones. Some others can enjoy life even in poverty with loved ones...... So complicated.... maybe it is late and my mnd is not thinking well. You should still be able to spend time with family while climbing up the corporate ladder. With the $$ you earn, you can go for holidays with family and pay off loans earlier and buy toys for your children. It does not mean that you have to neglect your family to do well in your career. You can work hard Mon - sat but make it a point ot spend quality time with your family and friends on sunday. In short, I feel that we can do well in our career and aslo live life to the fullest at the same time and that is why we have our marine hobbies
  11. daimy, Excellent work. ........ utmost impressed. A lot of time, effort and of course $$ must have been invested in this project. Good luck and keep those pictures coming...... You have got a lot of us on our toes already waiting for more ........ Cheers!
  12. RE-do my rockwock today. most of the rocks do not smell anymore except for just a small minority. tried to create some caves below so that current flow will not be restricted at the bottom. Also tried to create 3 stageering layers so that it will be easier for me to place the corals infutre and that there will ge a fair share of light and space for the corals. Below is a picture of the new layout. Pretty satisfied with it My thumb and fingers are all sore and had been pricked by numerous "thorns" . Some are still stucked in my fingers...ouch. Next time will use a rubber glove. Bought a tunze 6060 instead of a TS07. Running into budget issues already.
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