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  1. Last chance $400 for the set .. If no interest, after 1 week, will start selling separate ....
  2. Thanks for the interest, received many enquires on the fishes and equipment, but at this moment, still prefer to sell as a set
  3. Age has catch up and it’s too strenuous for me to maintain this hobby anymore. Looking for someone who needed a 2nd tank or just a quick jump start to a working/living tank instead of going thru the weeks needed to stabilise the tank environments Main tank - L 4ft x W 2ft x H 2.5ft, with working condition - ehiem return pump, bubble magnus skimmer (~1yr), lights, and wave maker and not so good condition - cooler which won’t cool beyond 29c and not working sum light cabinet condition - 8/10 external and 7/10 internal (mainly because of rusty hinges) live stocks left i
  4. Up ..... suitable for 5 feet tank as well because the supporting stand can be extended
  5. Decom my tank, selling off this Maxspect Razor - 300W 16000k suitable for 4 feet Picture taken on 15 Nov before removing from tank and clean up $600 with free delivery
  6. I have a BM skimmer and the pump die tonight, need urgent advise where I can get the replacement pump - Atman PH2500. Not sure if C328 has it, but it's close on Sunday.
  7. Whole family going to Malaysia during CNY week, for about a week. Anyone has a auto feeder I can borrow? Prefer if you are in the West site. Thanks
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