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  1. sis ming, All so swee swee , only can do this CHEERS!!
  2. Woww !! bro see until my eyes BIG BIG NICE and Wonderfull CHEERS !!
  3. Wahhhh Megatron.. Up grading or decom.. bo ka wa kong ler kek simm ... I want reserve Redosmium can.. plsss Up for u bro .. cheers
  4. Hi Selling awat my 4fts Atman MH for $50 must collect by this sunday, Its working and body no damage. Selling due to just decom my reef tank no more using, interested pls sms me 98230251 and collection at Bukit Batok St 24. i reply sms after 1130pm.
  5. Rics still available.. the rics open big the reefer came over my place can witness. if can collect tomorrow sell at $90 working now and will reply at tomorrow morning.
  6. and Great you love them and take care of it ya
  7. left live rocks..tank set reserved. all lps and equits sold. let me know this 3days if u want the rocks.. tks all nice and support reffer. THREAD CLOSE. Cheers !!
  8. 2 open brain and black face zoas still available..
  9. all mushroom sold and hummer corals sold to 2 nice reefer,,
  10. dun know wat name coral.. sell $35
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