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  1. No takers from my previous thread so I'm breaking up the sale into individual items. Details refer here: Give me your highest offer Red Sea Prizm Skimmer with surface skimmer attachment Water containers x 4 Free Of Charge False percula clown fish x 2 T5 light (2 x 36W but only has 1 x actinic) 2 feet Nisso curved tank Grade C0 sand Lots of Live Rocks Buyers of the skimmer or water containers will be given priority for the FoC items.
  2. As nobody is interested in a full setup, I am going to sell the items separately. One bro is keen to buy the jerry cans. Other than that, the remaining items are available.
  3. I've replied the PMs. Please let me know if you're keen. I hope to clear the tank asap, thank you!
  4. As there seem to be no interest in the entire tank, any keen on just the Prizm skimmer?
  5. Sorry for the late reply! I have been quite busy lately. Here are two photos of the 2 feet setup to be sold. I still prefer to sell as a whole.
  6. No cabinet. No sump. Just those stuff listed. Not sure how many litres. I'll let you know if nobody wants the jerry cans.
  7. Hi, After keeping my super-simple 2 feet marine tank for years, I have to decommision it due to family commitments. I would like to sell as a complete package: 2 feet Nisso tank (curved edge) Red Sea Prizm Skimmer with surface skimmer attachment (original cone-shaped attachment is lost) 2 x T5 lamp (currently has only 1 x T5 actinic installed) Auto on/off power timer for the lamp C0 sand bed (approx. 2 inches) 2 x false percula clown fishes (healthy) A lot of liverocks Price: S$70.00 I also have 4 x blue jerry cans for holding natural sea water. If you're interested, I can bundle them in for an additional S$10.00. Self-collection at Jalan Bukit Merah area. Sorry I don't have photos of the setup at the moment, but if you're interested I could post them later. Interested parties please drop me a PM!
  8. Heh, yep! And (hairy) mushrooms are also not corals too. That's why I have quite (an outbreak) of mushrooms in my tank. You don't see that happening if those are corals.
  9. Any more marine aquarist keen to trade / buy my carpet anemone?
  10. The LRs that are infested with the majano do not have corals or any good stuff. I just removed these LRs, put them in a pail, and inject hot vinegar with a syringe. I put them back after washing them thoroughly. I feel kinda guilty for killing the majano though... I'm still looking for good owners who can give the best care for my carpet anemone. Anymore interested parties?
  11. Use the image tags. [img=http://www.somefree.image.hosting.site.com/mypic01.jpg] [img=http://www.somefree.image.hosting.site.com/mypic02.jpg] Of course, you need to find yourself a place to upload your pics.
  12. No offence either, but you may wish to check your reply as I have found it harder to understand. Or do you mean this? (Hope you don't mind me re-punctuating your sentence) No offence-- unless the english is understandable, please read the title of the post before asking questions that may embarrass yourself.
  13. Yeah, I can't have other fishes in my tiny 2 feet tank with this anemone around. Oh, that's a majano anemone? Freak man... I'm gonna kill it! Thanks for the advice!
  14. Another pic. Just a word of caution, this carpet is "fierce". It sucked my hand a couple of times when I arrange my LRs. Best part, it left tiny dots on my hands after that... Whoever is interested pls be reminded that you need good lighting and water conditions, although I couldn't give it what it needs. Ok, if you guys are keen to buy from me, please state your offer here. I'm more inclined to sell / trade my anemone to a good owner than one who can offer a high price but has a bad tank. Share the URLs of your tank threads would be a good idea. I really really wanna give it a good home.
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