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  1. still available? how much you selling?
  2. I noticed a lot of reefers feed clams to their Regal Angel. need some good advice from fellow reefers: what clams to feed Regal Angel? what other food can I try to get regal angel to feed? Thanks.
  3. Of coz, save one trip going CF. its a long way in....haha i'm still looking for Flame Angel..... missed CF last FA shipment.
  4. This is an old tank, tried LPS before but didn't have time to take care. For now, its fish only
  5. just an update on my tank. nothing great, just keeping the hobby alive.
  6. Yes, when I was there last Sunday, CF auntie did told me that flame angel will be coming in this week.
  7. anyone spotted any flame angel? besides the LFS at sixth ave.
  8. is the Blue face angel S $68 still available?
  9. i'm looking for flame angel as well. anyone knows the price of the flame angel at TFC?
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