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  1. WTS : Micro-Science Microscope and Telescope Deluxe Set Got this set kept in the box for a long time and recently took out fm store to let my kid play.. total usage 20 min for the metal die cast microscope.. nvr use the telescope.. All in mint condition except for the box turn yellowish kiddy palace selling at $99 yrs back.. Daniel 96969262
  2. WTS : 1 ft cube + all accessories minus fishes.. Giving up hobby sales..remaining items Selling all at 80.00 Self collect at my place near admiralty MRT Daniel 96969262 Tank size : 14' x 14' x 13' with lights n modified pump to maxijet mp1200 + Mag float(s) magnet cleaner + lots of LR and a pistol shrimp n some bumble bee snails All supplement used except 1 bottle of 500g kalkwasser still sealed Test kits all used All used - small/med/big water pump, airpump, thermometer, poly filter n some sponge 2 x big water container
  3. WTS : white led x 2 handheld torch, no need battery Selling the torch at 5.00 each No need to put batteries.. just press a few times will do. taken with flash taken without flash squeeze and charge 10 seconds 2 hrs ago and still lights up..hehe but a bit weak liao.. so maybe 10sec of pressing/charging can last at least/ard 1hr without power lost. deal at raffles mrt during office hr and admiralty aft office hr daniel 96969262
  4. bro... can i have some of the sands? i can collect from u anytime... sms/call me at 96969262 daniel........ thanks
  5. thks bro... i need just few kg ...pls call or pm me.. daniel 96969262
  6. i know la... but need only bit only 3kg or so... the rest no use to me .. thats y i ask if seamonkee wants the rest..hehhe.. think i go ask terriansimon for some.. prefer matured sand..hehhe
  7. Looking for "0" sand.. i dun need to buy a 10kg packet.. maybe ard 3KG will do... anybody have xtra? better still if its from a matured tank daniel 96969262
  8. http://www.neiu.edu/~ayjamess/hmmm.htm
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