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  1. Hi.... anyone knows where i can get some local links/forums for the above mentioned topics?
  2. i'm looking for any 2nd hand maxijet 400/600 or 900.. must be in working condition... pm / reply here or sms me at 96969262
  3. http://zombie.bigboon.com/eric/multimedia/...gofInitialD.wmv
  4. http://web.wenxuecity.com/BBSView.php?SubID=joke&MsgID=62191
  5. all item sold.. thanks for the interests.. thread closed
  6. all 9 jerry cans sold...left the 50.00 set
  7. sorry .. correction* the top lights set is 3 ft(34").. not 2.5 ft
  8. halo.... i did reply u at 1:28am FIVE MINUTES after u PM me at 1:23am... go and check... and now i just chk my PM again.. u did reply back again but no msg inside... i'll pm u the msg u reply me at 1:40am... chk ur pm.. see what is missing
  9. hehe not give up totally la.. see pm to all who sms me.. check ur sms ..i've replied... i have 9 cans n tentatively all reserved... 50.00 set still available
  10. err.. dunno... those big type... anyone knows the capacity?...need about 8~9 of these to fill up my 3ft tank +2 ft sump then
  11. as for the jerrycans.. i'm selling at 5.00 each or 10.00 for three
  12. since i have sold away my 3ft i no longer needs this.. 50.00 for all... daniel 96969262
  13. everything sold... thanks for the interest.. will get back to those guys on most of the gobies n crabs..
  14. $42.00 just took 2 pics of it... pic 1
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