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  1. 1 piece of Fiji Rock from Coral Farm. Fiji LR are the most porous rocks available. See the close up for the holes and crevices in the rock. Rock was vinegar soaked, bleached and sun dried. Nice shape, can stand on different angles. Size is about 23 cm x 23 cm. Selling for $30. WhatsApp me at 93874620 if interested.
  2. Selling the following. Interested please WhatsApp me at 93874620. 1. Illumagic Blaze X-mini. 2 cluster of LEDs, compact size for up to 2ft cube spread. Bought in Dec 19, use for only 1 month in Jun. Warranty till Dec 20. Condition exactly like brand new. Also bought the single arm hanging kit for the X-mini. Brand new unused. Selling the set of X-mini and single arm hanging kit for $320. 2. Hanging kit for those who do not want to drill holes in the ceiling. Bought 2 sets of Illumagic hanging kit for mounting on the tank to hang LED lights. Brand new unused. A
  3. 6 tubes of used ATI T5 (2 ft) tubes to give away. self collect at my place 090023. Can WhatsApp me at 93874620 to arrange collection.
  4. Selling some remaining items: WhatsApp me at 93874620 to deal. Self collect at postal code 090023. 1. Skimz FR FM100 New in box. With Jebao DC 1200L/hr adjustable pump and another small boyu 800L/hr pump. $90 2. External isolation box (can be used for chaeto in small tanks) + internal common "betta box". Both for $10. 3. Food timer. Used for a short while only. $5. 4. Miscellaneous. Beautiful Bog wood for freshwater aquarium. $20.
  5. Hanging kit reserved. Left black sponge.
  6. Hydor Flo, Skimmer and T5 light reserved for collection today. Left with Black Sponge and hanging kit.
  7. Giving away these for those who can use them: Self collect at my place. Please do not ask me to bring to some MRT to pass to u. Can WhatsApp me at 93874620. 1. Hydor Flo. This is connected to output of water flow and it'll spin to provide current all around. Useful for small tanks. 2. Red Sea Airstone Protein Skimmer. Airstone driven skimmer but it's really effective and good. I always use it for quarantine tank or nano tank. I bought many good quality wooden airstone to use with this skimmer. Appreciate if you can buy over the new wooden airstones when u collect t
  8. Clearing my stuff. Giving away these to reefers who may want them to DIY stuff. Have hose connectors, U-tubes, short T5 new white tube, Old used ATI T5 2ft tubes, overflow mesh, drainage connectors etc. Self collect at my place please. WhatsApp me at 93874620.
  9. Refugium light No. 1 sold. Left Light holder no. 2 available.
  10. A pair of ocellaris clownfish (common clown) for adoption to nice home. Don't have a pic now cos they're in a pail. Nice and healthy pair. Also have about 10 small sized turbo snails to give away together. Self collect at my place please. Postal code 090023. WhatsApp me to arrange collection 93874620.
  11. Selling my remaining Superglue Gel: 8 tubes of Coral & Plant Fix 5 tubes of Aron Alpha $6 each. Take all for $5 each. WhatsApp me at 93874620.
  12. Selling: (WhatsApp me at 93874620 if interested) 1. DIY 6 x Plant grow Red LED Refugium light. Length of plate is 40cm, hollow in between so can slot something through the middle to hang it too. Chaeto grow like crazy under this light. See pic. Selling $20. 2. E27 Clip on Flexible neck Bulb Holder. Brand new unused. Selling $10. 3. E27 Clip on Bulb Holder. Neck can be rotated to aim at any direction. Selling $10.
  13. Selling 3ft Tank set with 3-tier stainless steel stand. Stand is 1.25inch thick marine grade Stainless Steel. Custom made at factory doing shipyard steel. The edges of the stand are sealed up instead of using rubber stopper (see pic). Tank dimension is 36 inch (3 ft) by 18 inch depth (1.5ft) by 15 inch height. 2 overflow pipes connect to the sump. Sump is makeshift from shallow tank, 36 inch by 18 inch by 12 inch height. Comes with 2000L/hr DC return pump. Asking $350.
  14. WP-10 Reserved. Remaining 1 x used SLW 30 for sale only.
  15. Jebao mini wave maker. WP10. Perfect for nano tank. Very good condition. Selling $20.
  16. 1 x SLW 30 reserved. Remaining for sale: 1 x used SLW 20, 1 x used SLW 30.
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