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  1. Hey looking good man....... staring at rocks and bacteria????? win liao Dun worry.... let me suggest new things to do.... like when i got a new skimmer... when i wake up to pee at night.... i'll go see how's the bubble doing..... during total lights off...... like 2 am... take torchlight to shine at rocks to see got what pest is lurking in there
  2. Sorry forgot to state the price as night shift..... after work and post Looking at $45 each. Thanks
  3. 2 Super red RBTA for sale (open to the size of hand with fingers spread out) Collection will be at pasir ris either today or from 22 dec onwards might not reply immediately from 10 to 13 dec. Please PM if interested.
  4. Gosh almost S$500 for a fan???? Can install a non split unit air con liao Let wait for copy cat
  5. Can see your coralline growing fast too bro.......... Nice
  6. Good to know you want to set everything right on track this time and all the best in your rescpe. Actually i do like one of the old scape (one of the rescape U did Yourself after AM did for u) till things started falling apart. I can see that u do want a beautiful tank at home otherwise u would have given up long ago with so many failure, so work hard to keep it that way yah
  7. Couldn't agree more with [V]tec i've been reading about your history of your tank and dun mind me asking, those corals in your latest fts were newly acquired? Even the 2nd last fts pic already says that a couple of corals up lorry already. You have been into this for a long time and with the money u spent on equipment. Perhaps it's time for you to invest in reading(on your own please) on the basic of keeping a marine tank. So far it seems every small i mean really small thing you will hit the panic button with "what should i do" "how to ......." "why my fish or coarls die(without
  8. my last visit(2wks ago) got a guy looking for it oso but they no stock. Maybe call to see got stock first before going down
  9. the first 2 zoa look nice very nice rock scape bro
  10. Since u say till like that, how to sell my old skimmer huh The previous skimmer was a good and reputable skimmer as well(not china made hor), just that the monster is more power lor....
  11. Try to make it a habit to switch off the main switch of electric appliance. Meaning try not to leave TV, radio, microwave etc. on standby mode. Understand from discovery channel that they really suck up lots of power too.
  12. That i believe depends on each individual tank. I do only 15% water change only once a month in a mix reef tank. My Nitrate(nope no denitrator) and phosphate had been zero for the past one year and the last time i change my rowa was at least 9 months ago. Dun ask me how i achieve that as i have no idea as well
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