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  1. really? Just two years back for my current place, I ask about installing these in my house. The contractor don't know what I am talking about. haha... I used to have these as moonlight, It looks good, and I like to view the tank in blue eerie with the living room lights off. Haha... MH and the chiller was killing me the last round.. if one is on 3watts, I can 50-100LEDS, without the heat.
  2. Thou of so, but thinking of where to place the tank. Maybe a small nano type. Sold all off my skimmers, and throw my MH lights. But I saw some reefers doing good with LEDs, wow the technology these days.. haha.. The moderator has change too...
  3. I used to have nightmare when I was reefing. The pump not working.. salt water all over the living room in the old house. Call from my mum that the tank is leaking or pump not working... Now my current place is on marble, can't imagaine how it will be..
  4. u should read before getting any new spieces. They need many times in the day.
  5. Holly cow.. I thought nobody can recognise me anymore.. I have two boys now.. Shifted my house, converted a fishtank cabinent into a book shelf. haha.. Thought to invest in a small setup, nothing to take my time too much, but give me relaxing joy looking at it, than maintaining it more like the last time. JBJ Nano seem good, any advice. AT seem to be retired, I dun see deepblue n rodian, I can't even recognised the admin now.. I saw flubberina the other day at a car show, she was looking at some cars, thought I want to hit on her..
  6. does it comes with the LED moonlight, the deluxe model?
  7. This tank is good mostly for fresh water.. you won't get much response from a marine forum.
  8. do u have a pic of your setup? I used to reef a few years back.. used to have MH lights, chillers, LED moonlight was just to supplement the "view" then. Seem like a good move, and tempting me to go back reefing.
  9. Marine mostly used 8mm onwards, the salt water is heavier in density..
  10. Looks good, how much for something like this?
  11. ah...used to be one of the regulars, before my two boys came, I have to forgo my reefing.. Now considering to start, maybe a small one.. can't see where all the old timers now..
  12. I thou it was a good deal..for a moment.. hah
  13. My is the same, but older model, with 2 X 150watt MH, and one center runs on PL. No T5. Original price is $400+, now letting go at $150, with one more spare MH worth $60. So actually you are paying for $80 for MH fixtures with two MH, 1PL n 1 spare MH. Email me rbc88@hotmail.com or sms 9856 9297 for fast deal. Will post steriliser pic tonight.
  14. upz... hailea chiller & MH lights left. Also a fluidiser.. for putting carbon or rowaphos.
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