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  1. Selling Vlamingi and White tail very stable eat everything. Vlamingi 6 inch $40 White tail 4 inch $30 take both for $60 96202635 msg .
  2. Selling RW8 used for 2 mths wash cleaned and ready for collection,no more warranty rest in my store since November last year. Price $60 msg.....96202635. Location:Pasir Ris
  3. Still with box and serial number. No receipt.
  4. Side view always interesting angle for me...
  5. 4 mths now fully dominated LPS reefs.
  6. Close brain hope it will make it.
  7. For LPS lover i never really actually make it in open brain or close. But this time around I guess luck was on my side. Its Brainmania time!
  8. Selling Schuran skimmer jetskim 150 come with Aquabee pump 2000/I still in working condition. Skimmer wash clean ready for collection $450....96202635 msg me.Thks.
  9. Selling RW8 used for 2 mths wash cleaned and ready for collection. Price $65 sms.....96202635. Thks.
  10. Selling abovementioned for $40 pellet eating 3" in size.Gangster ! 96202635 msg me. Thks.
  11. Hi LT, Don mind me asking, I was looking at your sump.Is the filter wool above the water level ? If it is than the filter wool should be working perfectly. By the way
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