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  1. so its still a normal dosing unit that does like some other brands? or does other brands have more funtions as compared?
  2. Any bros tried this before? http://www.fish-street.com/fs_nt-01dosing_pump?category_id=139
  3. hi bro i just text u just now. i will collect from u tmr. thanks!
  4. Oh forgot to add, Viewing at kovan area.
  5. Hi bros Im selling a greedy feeding sohal tang for $90/- Reason: fighting with my yellow tang Size: ~ 4 - 5" the fish is still swimming in the main tank, will catch once buyer is comfirmed. Can pellet feed it to show interested buyer. Pm me if interested!
  6. Hi Bros can i check if my reactor flow rate is too low? as i T the water from my overflow & i cant achieve the tubbling effect on my pellets like the video u attached, or is this acceptable? http://youtu.be/wFTtxTCrPyI
  7. Hi guys looking for 1x 250w electronic MH ballast pm me if u r letting go.
  8. Yeah, i might change the driver in future to work with Profilux light II controller. But need to learn more from Bro James first The fixture of the LEDs will be in the middle + T5s at the sides one on each side. I think flexibility is better in reefing, so that I dont have to be stuck with something. hmmm. what should the ratio be now? Read from somewhere mixing colours wrongly also will get wrong effect right. eg turquoise + red + cool blue = 10k - 14k ? 3 groups of power plugs: 1) 10royal blue / 4blue / 2violet 2) 14cool white / 6warm white / 2turquoise / 2 red 3
  9. got typo error, total number of LEDs are 40, running on 6 drivers. But i can change the colours now. Dont know more colours means better or redundant to corals. Headache if want to add what should be the ratio like for the LEDs . Or i dont need others colours like violet & turquoise already as im using 1x t5 Actintic?
  10. Do you guys think i should add more colours like Violet or Turquoise will it help much? Or my current colours are enough.
  11. :thumbsup: hahaha so how do u guys think should i arrange it? LED group: 1. Royal blue - Blue - Red 2. Cool white - Warm white 3. T5s This arrangement should be fine to "simulate" the dawn-sunrise-sunset feel right?
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