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  1. Not unless there's something dead in there like a fish. It's a good refugium. Pods thrive among the algae.
  2. Are you sure you can boil so many gallons of water for a water change each time? Unless you have a tiny nano, that is not feasible to boil water for water change. You probably add more phosphate to the water when feeding than tapwater ever will.
  3. Yaga, If my memory serves, it's due to the surface electrical charge.
  4. No. But I can throw in portable speakers. Use your own iPod. The engine noise should drown everything else out.
  5. Bump! After more than 3 years till no takers? I'm disappointed with you guys. Price reduced. Must clear now!!!
  6. I don't recommend reefers trying to handle Calcium oxide as it is an irritant to the respiratory tract and it is higly exothermic when it comes into contact with water. A much safer alternative is Calcium hydroxide to be mixed with water a.k.a. kalkwasser. The idea to precipitate phoshates out as calcium phosphate is a good concept but the resultant solution will need to be saturated with calcium ions. What is formed is essentially no different from kalkwasser or calcium hydroxide solution (same thing is formed if calcium oxide is used). This solution is too alkaline to be used as water
  7. As an estimate, it takes about 25g of salt mix with 1L of fresh water to make 1L of saltwater. A hydrometer or refractometer is a MUST for reefing!
  8. Have been back for about 2 years.
  9. Some questions that you need to answer before help or advise can be rendered: What test kit are you using? What is in your tank? Live rock? What did you use to cycle the tank?
  10. Hi! I hope you have a great time here. I'm sure the gurus you are visiting can bring you to some of the local equipment shops and LFS. Some of them are not easy to get to for a foreigner.
  11. That's a good sign. Coralline love plastic.
  12. That's assuming you are not using copper coils in the heater.
  13. So serious! Beat somebody up nowadays and their parents will look for you? With lawyers and threaten to be charged in court? What happened to the good old days where you settle things outside? The teens nowadays are weak.
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