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  1. Hi bro, can repost this as this is a marine forum... thanks and kum sieh
  2. hahaha... looks like no Red Devils fans here lah....
  3. Hi bro.. pmed you on the clams... thanks...
  4. Sigh ... since i gotten additional T5 lights now a total of 6T5s... my tank is swamped with red algae... Noticed that some of these algae is covering one of my coral... alittle has started on my zoas... Are these harmful? how do i get rid of them?? do i buy snails?? fishes that will eat them??? Pls help
  5. hi bro... would love to buy some of your corals...97542597
  6. hahah... i think if you are going to do bidding sales... then it must be transparent!!! no point having a bidding sale, then it ended up with a mystery person... anyway, this is your sales...
  7. hahaha... hey bro Nate... dun like tat... If ppl want to buy then i think it is a valid transaction leh...
  8. Hi Sis, i can collect today... let me know if i make it... thanks
  9. hi bro..interested but is it reef friendly as i have got corals and clams...
  10. hi bro... interested but want to know how long have those lights been used? thanks
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