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  1. hi everyone Any Precious Moments Collectors here, i have lotsa Precious Moments' figurines, photo frames, musical bell, and a feeding bottle to go... a few items r brand new and some figurines dun come wif boxes and tent cards. all in excellent condition. prices quoted are abt 10% lower than ebay & yahoo auction sellers. Please SMS me at 93863135 when you see something that you like. collection/delivery can b arranged at the convenience of seller & buyer PRECIOUS MOMENTS FIGURINES AND MORE
  2. Selling the above cos changed to planted. No need such powerful pump. Bought for $175. Selling for $80 neg. Collection can be arranged.
  3. 1) PRINCESS OUTDOOR ELECTRIC BBQ SET Brand new. Just plug and play. Selling ONLY at $50. Never open before. See link for more details : http://www.landex.com.sg/images/kitchenapp/2242.pdf 2) HOME BREAD MAKER USED ONLY ONCE.SELLING AT $60 Fully automatic bread making machine See link for more details : http://www.landex.com.sg/images/kitchenapp/1934.pdf 3) THERMEN FOOT SPA TREATMENT Used once only. Selling only $30. Luxury footbath for delicious relaxation and stimulation for your foot. See link for more details :http://www.landex.com.sg/images/beauty/5775.pdf. All i
  4. Dont worry too much abt him. He is still ard. I am still ard too. do you miss me? You shd take care of yourself.
  5. You can try Orsam E-ballast. Can get from Sin Lim Tower or ME.. . Pls PM me if you are interested.
  6. Who started all these abt competitors? All the disusscions are on AQUA SCIENCE And ATI tubes. Who kept saying abt competitors? ALL RAZALI is trying to do is just to distract the attention away from answering about his T5 tubes. Horizon Ventures does not bring in any t5 tubes so in what way is that considered as competitor? That malay guy just cant lose. He made a mistake, ego too big, so delete thread. Cannot give an answer so try tai chi here and there. Lose his cool use"IF YOU HAVE B*LLS", ask people out to settle, Still cannot work so say that it's becos of competitor trying to pos
  7. Why would anyone thinks that it's all this is abt Business politics from 2 competitor? Who are these 2 competitors? DE and Horizon ??? OR DE and who?? Can all you EXPERTS answer?
  8. Razali has done it again. He had diverted all the attentions away from the T5 tubes issue again. He replied with all the wrong reasons. NO ANSWERS or Explainations given on the T5 tubes. I dont think he will ever give us an answer. So this thread shd come to an end. No matter how, he will play tai chi, with no answer. ALL NO ANSWERS. Word of caution: Just be careful when you want to deal with people like him. If he is honest, do you think he is in this sitatution with no answers. May god bless him.
  9. What's there to settle when it's abt T5 tubes? Anyway,did you ask me out? I have yet to receive a call from you. I suggest you settle the tubes issue here better lar. Then you can think of asking me out.
  10. Up to now, you still have no idea why this thread started. DO YOU? Then let me enlighten you. It's what you claimed in your Aqua Science T5 that got this started. You just have to explain why the discrepancy in your chart and from the manufacturer? That is all. That's what the consumers want to know. IT"S PART OF THE FAIR TRADING ACT. How others do business is NONE of your BIZ. Just have to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Would you question Temasek Holding why they want to buy Shinco or Standard Chart? Is that your problem? Just have to address the REAL issue here and not try to distract ot
  11. If you want to meet up with daniel, pls CALL ME OR PM ME to ask me for his number. You go and arrange the meeting yourself. I am not your secretary. Up to this stage, It has nothing to do with me. Pls dont get me involved YET. You settle with this issue first then I see how to we shd settle our issues......
  12. RAZALI, Do not be the pot calling the kettle black. Who has problems with you? We are addressing a product not personal issue. If you think daniel has a problem with you, then you dont be a keybroad hero. Call daniel to settle this issue. If you dont have his number, ( I am sure you have), Call me. I give you. Just in case if you MISPLACED my HP number.93863135
  13. Are you sure you had settled this with ben? PLS MIND YOUR LANGAUGE? WHAT B**LS? We have females refeers here also.
  14. "You can bring the horses to the river but you cant force them to drink." I am very sure those refeers who posted here must have encountered some form of unhappiness with you. If not, you think they all so KAKI with daniel? Daniel, you must Either be the most love refeer in SRC or you KEEP Treating Coffee to them. That why they "support" you.
  15. RAZALI, You SHOULD be the ONE to GROW up. All this while, this disucssion is abt the Aqua Science T5 Tubes. We are questioning your integrity of doing business. WHY THE 20% HIGHER IN CHART? Still No ANSWER from your end. ACT BLUR CAN LIAO. Why you so bothered abt how others do theirs business when you CANT even manage you own well. If all those that posted are Daniel's Kakis, then why you tried to call them and gather their support? How Simple Idea and Horizon Ventures works are not your Business. IF i can PROVIDE YOU with the contact to the manufacter, Why cant I do the same to the
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