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  1. Price go up 3,4 X . My god . then SPS how much now .
  2. i dun think im fit . but im 2H sword skill +5 but i suffer -2 AC roll on Range Attack
  3. u said when u student . i think im too old for that . Old man liao . 22 . Although its always been my dream to be a bouncer . See the ladies . Beat the Ah bengs , although i myself am one
  4. eh... im not a 16 year old waiting for poly . Been there done that . I want something more challenging .
  5. where u get all these lobang i want a 12 hour night shift job too . school in june . till then nothing to do boring
  6. Can i just latch on to ur thread . Im looking for lumber to make my own cabinet any idea where i can find
  7. i like the way he says many uses hahahaha .
  8. first post . i think ur in the wrong board . let alone channel . and BTW . Paris hilton is a ###### and Justin timberlake is a weak , sensitive boy who wants to be a girl .
  9. Why do people say that about me . I saw tanzy at Ubi . got a blue evo now . I think hes much worse . got his huge brakes ( endless or ap i forgot ) , thats how u tell the driving style of the owner , look at the brakes . I have seen almost as many wrx in accident as i have taxis , and the drivers are almost always kids ( not saying i old ,But im pretty sure the little poly boy with ###### hair sitting on the kerb crying while his parents shout at him is younger than me ) . Damn sad . P.S i drive around 20kmh below speed limit at all TIMES . on highway i drive in the slow lane going a
  10. The CBRE drivers went for the training i hand leg itchy nothing to do join them . My vocation is admin support HAhahaha . In ETC Seletar Camp . Will remember that great day of mucus forever . eh i quote the wrong post . nmeant to quote akahoshi
  11. Celebrated with 8 hours of Party World and lots of chivas . Incidentally ive quit drinking. Will change car when i graduate . My car is too fragile to jam brake let ppl kiss . i will die if a conti car hits me
  12. letting go at low price . i get upset whenever i see it . P.S this looks and smells like how a 200 year old book would look and smell
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