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  1. Singapore water although is clean by it is not pure enough for a reef tank. Some might even contain little copper If you are looking for cheap water, you can consider buying NSW from local fish shop or you can buy pure distilled water (LIFE) from NTUC. 12 bottles of 1.5L cost $5.50.
  2. Should be velvet, since your corals are doing fine, if water parameters are off, corals will show sign before fishes. Your sg might be high, but its not the cause for fishes death. Try to get a refracto asap.
  3. Coral beauty might nip, all depends on your luck on whether how your fishes behave. Btw anyone happen to see any clams selling at any LFS recently?
  4. A chiller will save you alot of trouble as compared to cooling fan. The evaporation rate of cooling fan is too high, and you need to constantly top up water, somemight have difficulties getting pure fresh water for top up and some uses over night tap water which is very wrong...
  5. The main prupose of a floating styrofoam is to ensure that the mangrove is able to stand. By poking holes just nice for the mangroves to be slotted in, the root will be submerged into the water and the leaves/top part must be out of the water. Do ensure ample lighting are given.
  6. Yes you must apply light to the mangroves, as they are above water level and will continue to grow, please ensure that they have sufficient growing space before you decide how far your light stretch should be. Plaase note that mangrove need cleaning of the leaves with fresh water weekly or biweekly, do ensure your do that to remove excess salt from them.
  7. One best way is to get red bamboo marine algae and put them in your tank. The tangs will nibble on them. Try it out if all else failed. Pasir ris farms should have red bamboos...
  8. SL have a few pieces 2 weeks ago, probably u can give them a call before going down.
  9. What type of clown are you keeping now? Is it normal percular/common clown? They will be fine in a school, as for the size of the anemone, a big one is sufficient to house all of them. Do note that anemone is an invert that requires good water parameter, they requires strong lighting as well. If you are using 4 x T5 HO or >150 watt MH light, it should be sufficient. If you are using normal t8 light tubes, you will have to upgrade your lighting before getting an anemone. The anemone will moves around until it found a suitable spot for itself, sometimes the spot that it likes will
  10. That is normal for the zoa. It is best to remove worms from the LR as they creates trouble more than help. As for the crabs, you might have to tell us what type of crab is that, probably you can post a pic to show us.
  11. Thats cool! Remeber to use dead market prawns instead of dog poop
  12. The whole process takes about 1 month from the day you drop a dead prawn or dead fish in. By using dog poop, you will have to check if there are other toxic chemical that are not suitable for BB, corals and invert like copper. I would suggest you to remove the dog poop if it is still there and replace it with a dead market prawn.
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