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  1. 1) diabolus - IILuCiFeRII (nick in battle net) 2) JS 3) decentkid 4) ahloon (just starting) 5) SBS_Transit 6) imanoobz imanoobz....i think i played wif u b4 leh.
  2. Mr Neuman, i'm way pass the noob stage liaoz. now i owned ppl. pls input ur battle net nick so we know who is online lah.
  3. Calling all Warcraft Frozen Throne DotA players... pls fall in, so we can play together... 1) diabolus 2) 3) 4) 5)
  4. LOL.... maybe got special but u never ask lah.
  5. no hanky panky who want to go?
  6. hi all...since many reefers are putting their stuff up for bid,,,im gonna jump on the bandwagon its the same one as in the picture except that its another frag. total ard 10 polyps. starting bid is $20. closing date at 2359 hours 20 oct. buyer can view before confirming. pls place your bid HERE instead of pm me. thanks!
  7. mantis makes superb sacengers and keep ur nuisance snails and crabs population zero. if its a smasher, i dun see why its going to be predatory against your fishes if you feed it well.
  8. since when did this thread involved gossiping and arguements? IMO, it is usually your "RELUCTANCE" to break ur silence that causes all these similar threads related to your shop to become ugly and unconstructive. remember the discount issue? Golden rule no. 1 - when we part with our hard earn money, it had better be well worth it. Golden rule no. 2 - when you advertised a promotion, and the discounted tag is still displayed, then as a business entity, be prepared to honour it. I dun know about you, . If i'm being ignored, gets sacarstic remarks and over-charged at the same time
  9. dear all, lets have a street soccer game this sunday ( 09/10/05 ) venue is in the link below. time - 1000 hrs. all are welcome, the more the merrier. pls input ur nicks here. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) venue pls note that the court is between Rulang pri sch and blk 514. its a 5 mins walk from lakeside MRT station.
  10. Live mysids are really hard to come by in SGP, Ian, if the offers are rediculous - which i think they are. pls keep them and culture them, then pass some to me ya?
  11. LOL, they won't be bothered to come and read ur posts lah. to them, you are just a tiny weenie customer that is very much dispensible. they will probably laugh it off anyway. if ypu dun like their CS, dun visit them again lor. thats wat i did.
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