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  1. to do or not to do...

  2. With this statement, you have just revealed who was in the picture scaping your tank.. LOL
  3. KNS! i try to find dirty spot to Ding! you but cannot!! NOT EVEN A SPECK OF SHIT!!! you rocks man..
  4. upz for this bro.. nice chap.. nice and healthy corals too!
  5. Looking damn good dude! need to rain your place soon!
  6. Welcome to SRC! Ah.. Shootsimon.. i remember him.. i guess you are in safe hands! have you decide on a tank maker yet?
  7. prevention is better than cure! cos when it comes to a leaking tank.. there is no cure!
  8. Bro.. what are your parameters? did you do a proper cycling of your tank? you have posted something similar before but it seems like you are not reading up enough.. /www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/102086-nervous-clown-fish/page__p__1018750__hl__%2Brun+%2Bhere+%2Brun+%2Bthere__fromsearch__1#entry1018750
  9. think you did not prime your canister properly resulting in air trapped in your canister.. other cause is that your intake is too close to water surface and is taking in air..
  10. agree with nwyk153 that canister is a huge hassle.. back to your point.. you can try out some less demanding corals given that you are using chiller.. corals like zoas, mushrooms and even some LPS like sun corals.. you are using FL lights right? if so, you might consider upgrading your light set.. having blue light helps to bring out the colours of your corals..
  11. looks like got alot of detritus leh... you not doing your job again! kidding lah... great looking tank.. you are the master of scaping man..
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