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  1. Starting a 3 feet tank soon! Anyone wants to buy my RSM130D?

    1. Sassy


      I am interested? Pl sms me at 96389815. I have been hunting for this set very long.

    2. starfish123


      if i'm not wrong can get tins from am

    3. Rxcp14


      Price pls!:)

  2. The bubbles on my new MCE600 starts to rise only on the 3rd day of use.... What a relief! Take so long to break in meh?

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    2. zico


      ic... hope it comes quicker than later... at the moment... 3 days liao... it is still barely skimming. I fed my corals 3 days in a row... hoping it will help generate more organic waste for the skimmer... hope its a not a silly idea.

    3. jackywongto


      zico, wash the collection cup abt once a week. it helps to maintain the skimming efficiency

    4. zico


      ok tx . Will do that... my skimmer is brand new.... so surely lots of attention to it until it breaks in properly.

  3. Is it still for sale?

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