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  1. Rockyboy, must budget budget...have other expenses too...
  2. Hi JC, r u the one keeping seahorses then?
  3. Allan, I also hope it's for long term but depends on my hubby's career path. May end up in US again any moment in the next 6 months or more or hopefully not.
  4. Goudian, they r assembled in China now so I din bother. Bought the voyager streams & syncra pump but now think overpowered for my new tank plan. 
  5. How could I forget u, Raz? U are my tank's enlightenment mah...
  6. MarcoVan, u changed ur nick? Hotsoup, James...yup...yup...remember you guys. Still reefing?
  7. Dnsfpl, do I know u in person? u even know reefers went to my house for steamboat? Yup, I miss my self-made fish food. Can you believe that I still have a block of that red thingy awaiting my reproduction but now...should be 'chau-serng' liao... Erh...what is 'BO'? iirc??? USA? Yup...I brought back almost 100+ pieces of florida ricordeas but...
  8. Hi guys, yes, sps_dude, I have a faint inkling of u. Met you at LCK b4, right? Been busy w work & 'procreation' aft coming back from US. Terryz, advanced to Moderator liao har? Good job... U studying or working now?
  9. Yo, guys, are the 'older' ones still around? Muar's coming back. Downsizing to 4.5ft by 2.5ft by 2.5ft though. Still thinking whether new house's layout can accommodate a 5 footer.
  10. has not set their status

  11. Bro, congrats...his birthday is just 9 days after my first boy. Second boy was born on Good Friday this April so me has become very busy w them. PS : I may go to your former workplace for attachment. See if I can see that iron lady or not.
  12. Hi, does anybody out here has his new number? Phone crashed and most data gone. Pls pm me if you have his number. Thanks.
  13. He said I'm young... Vic, when's your turn to register for this new association? One day must just gatecrash your house to visit your tank and dogs.
  14. Was busy answering the call of the government lor... Got my carrot liao. When's yours?
  15. Aye..Aye...Sir. Trying to pull that stunt again but this time from San Fran lei. Dun know can or not.
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