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  1. Selling this two item for $10 each or $15 for
  2. Giving away a big blue drum container. Must confirm and collect by tomorrow else will be thrown away.
  3. Rocks reserved. Thread closed
  4. Giving away 5 black plastic bags of dead rock with different sizes. Must collect by tomorrow or else will be thrown away .
  5. Last call... the tank have to go in next 3 days.
  6. Selling this titanium coil for $100. Good for those who want to use compressor as chiller. Will clean up once the sales is confirmed. Willing to listen to any offer.
  7. Hi to all, Giving up this hobby for good... so giving away the tank. Dimension: 115cm x 59cm x 81cm Thickness: 10mm Taker need to arrange your own transport. Will be available till 19th Dec, will need to throw away this date.
  8. Bump Willing to listen to any offer
  9. No one? If no one is interested by this weekend, I will throw away. Thanks
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