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  1. Johan...thanks for your posts - they are a breath of fresh air! From your posts, I can see that you are one of the few collectors/exporters that really care for the fish, more than the all important dollar! Looking forward to the day when you will provide the world with tank bred specimens of the rarer angels!
  2. Angel World LFS in BKK a few days ago... Angel World Bkk by LC Hsu, on Flickr
  3. Looks like Khun Sing has been successful in breeding them true....
  4. Nah....not at that price, some more not a pair....
  5. IIRC these 2 are available at CF right now - was there just yesterday.....
  6. CF used to get MUCH nicer ones in the past....Now, sadly infrequently. In fact, the original "Jigsaw" looks very much like one they had around that time and I *think* it may have been the same fish....
  7. It's already being collected....De Jong has shipments from Cuba, and that's how it was discovered - in a shipment from cuba, and they type specimen likely those first specimens.
  8. Now...this is a fish I could really get into - cool, new, and rare (for now). Heard about it months ago, but this is the first picture of it to be revealed.
  9. Didn't look closely, but I think one was a bit not so perfect. Still swimming around and behaving normally IIRC. You getting a pair?
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