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  1. hi bro is your friend flying here or coming by Navy ship????? Cause there s NO WAY to bring in such things in Singapore Immigration as what i know of cauce i ve friends in customs. Unless coming through ship then it should be ok i think. Any way just a small advice cheers.
  2. I agree wit these bros ya. By using aquaz brand i really sees t difference in my mushrooms and corals. It s also adviceable to use the same brand for better water balancing. Cheers......
  3. bro chris i myself placed 620 he never even pm or call your side anything??
  4. Hi bro Pasir ris farm there is quite a number . BLOCK D
  5. Bro interested in 620 pls call me on my mobile at 81397041. Thank you cheers
  6. Hi bro vinot, This is mohan here from Tampines hope you remembers me ya. I m interested in your PH Monitor. Pls call me for price. 81397041.
  7. Price reduced to $15. Anyone????
  8. I m selling Weipro skimmer 2012 for $25. Used for 3 months only due to upgraded to Needlewheel skimmer. Used this 2012 for 2.5 ft tank with good skimate with 2700 l/h. Pls call 81397041 for details. Collection at Tampines blk 911, st 91.
  9. My tank is started 5 months ago. with hammer, clams and blue tank and percular
  10. Dear bro s of SRC. While doing some maintance work my sump tank cracked. Don t know what to do and what i did was use a canister to run. I transfer my ceramic rings from my sump tank to the canister. IS IT OK. Today will be getting a new sump. What can i do is it ok to transfer back the ceramic rings? My tank is 3ft by 2ft by 2ft.
  11. I thought of buying Reef Octopus skimmer which is selling at ML. But is the skimmer is good. My tank is 3ft by 2ft by 2ft.
  12. bro today what time can i collect i want it. call me in my mobile at 81397041.
  13. Hi , how much you bourht t pump for? my mobile 81397041 .
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