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  1. the set comes with aquabee pump The output pipe stick bag using super glue and it should not affect the operation self collect at Pasir Ris WhatsApp me at 81334883 David
  2. self collect in pasir ris WhatsApp me at 81334883 David
  3. i added peppermint to the over flow box and seems to help in keeping the aiptasia in check
  4. since it is coming from US will the pump be able to stand 240V power supply ?
  5. the hydrogen peroxide that you refer to is it this one : http://www.guardian.com.sg/hydrogen-peroxide-3-solution-500ml/p/100303 ? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. just to check is it to pour on the surface of the rocks or need to pour into the pail and put the rocks in ?
  7. where did you pick up the rocks from ?
  8. can take pic of the sump ?
  9. i hv a co2 regulator jdj


    isit wat u looking for


    1. chercm


      yes. how much u selling ?

      whatapp me at 81334883 David

  10. Any sales on apex ??? Apex having sale in US Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Shopping for CHinese new year

  12. Going to start soon !!

  13. Steak dinner - not so nice

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