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  1. i hv a co2 regulator jdj


    isit wat u looking for


    1. chercm


      yes. how much u selling ?

      whatapp me at 81334883 David

  2. i have a chance now to upgrade to the newer ipad....can any body tell me is it worth the upgrade? if singapore cannot use 4G i can still use the sim card and use 3G"??? and i have to buy new casing or can use old casing?

    1. chercm


      i will not recommend to upgrade if you are holding ipad2

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  3. Hmmm any lfs that accepts visa other then Am?

  4. should i get a MacBook? it'll be a whole new OS that i have to get use to.. is it worth the change?

    1. chercm


      i am using mac here and never turn back to Gates anymore

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