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Status Updates posted by chercm

  1. Shopping for CHinese new year

  2. Going to start soon !!

  3. Steak dinner - not so nice

  4. Yum yum ! Feeling hungry on my long deserve week long break

  5. Wow nice aquariums

  6. I just heard this on the train ,who called my mobile phone yesterday ? I thought I heard this when mobile phone was widely available at least 10 years ago. Lol

  7. Yum yum fish head bee hoon , u can taste the freshness of the fish

    1. Fantasy Corals

      Fantasy Corals

      Lol..bro stop teasing, tell us where pleaseee

  8. Level 2 completed

    1. I love angel

      I love angel

      What is level 2 completed????

    2. Jameshong
  9. Completed level 1 of the 2nd building of the pet shop

  10. Building Pet shop part 2 in progress

  11. Completion of half of the Pet Shop

  12. 2nd floor of Pet shop completed

  13. Building Pet shop in progress

  14. Chinese New Year shopping -a lot of ppl

  15. Wow!!! Nice fireworks from Sydney in the Australia network

  16. Half day hard work with my wife

    1. Jameshong


      making baby...LOL!

  17. Xmas gift for me and my wife arrived from Amazon - Lego fire brigade

  18. 3 days of break for me !!!

  19. Oh wow Gold class treatment in a cinema

  20. Circle line train doors cannot open at paya lebar and the train just left

  21. Time for desert to chill down

  22. thanks for the well wishes

  23. For those who have not gotten the news : RIP Whitney Houston

  24. Radion XR30w LED light officially announced by Ecotech Marine

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