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  1. Used Artica DBA-150 1/5hp Chiller for sale Age unknown ( as according to previous seller around 4 years old) I used it for slightly less than a year (freshwater). Still in good working condition. Reason for selling as upgrading to bigger tank. Condition 8.5/10 (few visible scratches) No longer under warranty Asking Price S$450.00 (negotiable) Contact No. 90080995 Thank you.
  2. Hello bros, as titled, selling my close to 3 years old Italy made Teco chiller. I have been using it for 3 years for my 2 ft tank. It is a very reliable chiller which is able to hit 23 degrees without much difficulties. Bought it 3 years ago for close to 1.1k. Very reputable brand, said to be able to last for a decade under optimal operating conditions. I do frequent self maintenance by vacuuming the unit. Please refer to pictures for illustration of my chiller. Looking at $350 for the teco chiller. Collection to be done at Bukit Batok Area. Interested kindly sms/call me direct at 90080995.
  3. Bro, i can see that you are keeping freshwater. Can you please consider letting me have it, as i am going to use it for 2 ft planted tank. Just don't wish the tank be wasted as it can still be used for freshwater. please consider as i am really interested and can collect saturday or sunday. thanks.
  4. bro, interested, please get back to me. looking to get a few sets from you. contact me at 90080995. thanks.
  5. bro, interested in all 3 eheim filters. 30, 40 ,50 respectively for 2211, 2026, 2236. sms me at 90080995 to discuss. thanks
  6. Guys, for your information. I called him again yesterday. But this time he never answer or call me back. So now i can confirm that he indeed have the bad intention to cheat. Since i have pointed him out with full evidence, some bro also shared bad experience of dealing with him, can the moderator please ban and remove him from the forum? As stated under rules and regulation. I think that is the bare minimum you can do to help. Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback and attention. Regards, Kendrick.
  7. haha, yes bro vlamingi, you played a part in catching the thief too. thank you and sorry to intrude your thread.
  8. this guy ancelot gt double nicks as MarcoVan oso... pls ask all reefers to beware as both nicks are e same person quoted by someone Bros, actually over the phone, he sounded quite nice. Until yesterday, i still sms him asking him to come here and explain. But seems rather quiet. He didn't reply me at all or neither did he come here. for your information, if i remembered correctly, he drives a white pickup. It belongs to his company in Toa Payoh. The company name is in blue colour. Some three letter english alphabet or something like that. He stays at bukit panjang, behind bukit panjang primary school, one of those double story hdb type. He might also ask to deal at Tao Payoh. Hope this will help u to identify him even when he changed his nick.
  9. 98571283 skinny chinese guy wearing specs. That's him. That's the person who lacked integrity, pride and every other basic belief and values of a decent human being. Please warn buyers in other forum about this guy. Just direct them to this post. I believe with concrete evidence, they will trust me. And to ancelot. If you think i misinterpreted you, misunderstand your "kind" intentions, i'm waiting for you here. Come explain and stand up for yourself. Otherwise, i will just see you as no up. I believe in retribution, you will be punished one day. I really hope by now you feel regretful. Just apologize and i will let it go.
  10. Hello everyone, My objectives of my this post are as follows: 1) To let Ancelot (the person who i dealt with) feel ashamed and guilty for his dishonesty and deliberate purpose to cheat 2) To warn fellow reefers against dealing with dishonest people who lacked pride, as such (-----> Ancelot) 3) To exercise fair judgement for myself 4) To get your feedback on definition of "Lightset" I am a second year student in NUS, pursuing a Degree in Mech Engineering. As you all know, i only receive allowance from my parents, which is also not alot as i don't come from a wealthy family. I own a small 2 feet fresh water planted tank which i keep CRS and sakura shrimps in it. Recently, i realised two light tube of my T5 lightset broke down, and i had to look for a replacement. I found this post online. WTS Hopar 2FT T5 High Output Lightset, 4 tubes; in working condition Ancelot Nov 16 2008, 11:58 PM hello all, I am selling the above lightset at 60 bucks with 4 new working tubes. Usual price is 96 bucks. Lightset is good as new, usage has only been 1 month. I will gladly appreciate if you can come by and collect yourself. Otherwise, please stay somewhere near me so that I can send to you. (: Reservation will be perceived as on reputation basis. No bargains however, as this is pretty new. See for yourself. Pics will be uploaded shortly. Anything, just PM me (: Hence, i was interested and contacted Ancelot We dealed on 21st November evening. Ancelot delivered the lightset to me and i paid 50 bucks for it. As i thought i could trust Ancelot, i didn't check the lighset until when i reach home. I removed the lightset from the box and realised the badly burnt acrylic cover of the light. It melted and deformed. Immediately, i messaged Ancelot. I sms him asking about the defect, but he just replied and said "that's why it's so cheap". I feel really cheated but as it was during my exam week, i had no time to argue and question him. Hence, i only posted this in his post. kendrick_86 Nov 21 2008, 09:01 PM Bro, i'm the one who bought your light. I went through your post over and over again and all i can see is only you claiming that your light is in brand new condition. Bro, you should have been FRANK in informing whoever interested that your light has DEFECT. I know you are selling cheap because of the badly burnt and irregular shape of the acrylic cover, which right now can't even be secured properly, but you didn't tell me anything before hand. It was only when i discovered it myself that your cover is touching the t5 light tube, causing it to melt and deform then you conveniently say that's the reason it so cheap. I feel that this is not very honest and shows the integrity and values that you have. Overall, very bad deal. I feel very disgusted and disappointed. In future, please ensure you state clearly the condition of your item for sale and not just say it's in brand new condition. A few days later, after my exam finally ended, i still didn't receive a reply and explanation from him. Hence, i sent Ancelot a message online, asking him to get back to me, as follows. kendrick_86 Dec 4 2008, 10:16 PM bro ancelot, did u receive my feedback? have you nothing to say? A few days later, there was still no news from him. I have a feeling he's avoiding me, hence i went to check on his account. It showed, Topic: Vlamingi_cont's 2nd tank Ancelot Posted on: Nov 26 2008, 05:47 PM You sure have a serious trouble with nutrients! This concrete evidence showed he was online within the interval which i send two messages to him, which i assume he saw my messages, but deliberately chose to ignore it. Ancelot must have thought that i would just let it go and forget about it. But he was wrong. I went to look for his hp number and sms him on 7 Dec. Contents as follows: Is this ancelot Yah you are? Kendrick. Bought the light from you. U know I’ve been trying to contact you Sorry no. Please log in to check your that post. Very dissatisfied with your sales. Please be more responsible. Left some remarks and demand explanation. What are you dissatisfied about? I read your post over n over again. You mention brand new condition. I don’t think your that transparent plastic cover is considered brand new condition Boy, brand new is referring to the lightest and tubes. Are they working may I ask, despite the plastic cover? Smile face Thanks for your respond, I will correspond with the moderator. Okay, smile face I must admit, i was really pissed by his sacarsm. He manipulated with words and displayed arrogance. I felt this challenged and wanted to seek fair judgement for myself. I contacted Bro Archilles and he suggested i post it here, only state the truth he added. All these are the truth. I have pointed out several important points. 1) He failed to comply with the rules and regulation of marketplace. 2. Your description of the item must be complete and accurate. Items that are defective, even if only minor/cosmetic must be mentioned so that prospective buyers can take this into consideration. Normal wear and tear on a second hand item is to be expected, but it is better to state a defect at the time of sale. 2) He deliberately ignored my messages despite when he appeared online and had the time to post reply on other post. 3) He tried to manipulate with his words (lightset), giving me the idea that the acrylic cover is not part of the lightset. 4) When i questioned him, he did not feel regretful at all, challenged me to inform the moderator, but still exercised sacarsm calling me 'boy', implying i don't know what. For all of your information. To defend myself against that statement, i am an officer of SAF, i was also awarded the Sword of Merit during my cadet days. I am not arrogant. But presenting myself to the neutral body regarding my reputation and reliability of my words. I know that as member number 550, Ancelot is more senior to me. However, his acts really is disgraceful, being sought after as a elder brother. Under the rules and regulation of market place, Bro Tanzy did mention this "If a seller repeatedly lists items that violate the policies described above, that seller is subject to suspension from selling or buying items through the forums".Hence, i hope after taking time into stating down all the facts, all brothers will exercise fairness, equality and put some order back in the marketplace. Frankly, personally i also feel this is too time consuming and childish. But i spend time considering all factors and despite anything else, this is the best way to resolve the problem. All brothers feel free to voice down anything. I will leave the decision to the moderator. Best Regards, Kendrick
  11. bro ancelot, did u receive my feedback? have you nothing to say?
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