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  1. thks for pm .. viewing oni starts coming sat. unless u know where i stay or hp.
  2. Free GAC? Give u 10kg foc if u buy ..hahaha still available .. maybe yesterday raining .. someone change mind .. no show.
  3. shop offered for whole lot previously, but i refuse. since they will mark up lots more for pet lover. (easily up to 1500 easily) Pm me ur best offer instead. They are 2months old tomorrow.
  4. lai lai lai ... good lobang here. anyway if info correct. now pet shop westies pup gotta wait for next shipment.
  5. i consider boh? anyway .. u got my no. u got discount for http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50260 hahaha
  6. Born 10th May 2006.. Both parents pedigree Aust + Singapore (Pedigree is not breed cert or vaccination card hor) Interested? come see them personally .. bring them home .. Why pay > 1.8k at pet shop when U can have well behave & faithful & loving pet .. choice female left .. u last chance liao. SAving of >> 500sgd confirm! This is the second litter .. 4 pups now on science diet & parents on avoderm. if u still have my no. Call! if not leave PM.
  7. PMs replied to, no reservation to collect by today ,, 2items or more .. or take all .. thanks
  8. thanks for the pms .. 1) first come first serve 2) discount only in terms of foc to u .. 3) sms me tomorrow after 10am not now if u receive my contact thanks kooning liao .. . 2.5x1.5x2ft w/ side iso 8mm custom made tank is VERY WELL MADE i assure beta than those 4mm 3ft confirm!!
  9. 1) 2.5x1.5x2ft w/ side iso 8mm custom made tank 2) 1x sicce extrema 3) 1x 2.5ft diy t5 2x24w in lightcase wif stand 4) dymax lacy pump + another similar type brand hitec 9000l/hr take all by sunday - 80 sgd plus many free gift 4 u else 20sgd 40sgd 30sgd 20sgd self collect admiralty my blk void deck .. all confirm working well ! pm will do thanks
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