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  1. looking forwards your fairy paradise!!! cheers
  2. hope can back soon after business stable. hand feel itch liao
  3. less than 2 yr Chiller to give away. was running good before. stop running caused display panel malfunction.possible temostat failure. collect west coast. FCFS. 96329106
  4. As pic shown. in good condition with solid wooden stand. FCFS. must take as whole. collect at west coast area.96329106
  5. Hi all, on behalf of friend wtb 3ft MH pref.2x150W+T5. PM your offer with brand, condition and price. thks
  6. Dymax 24" height x 5" dia with pump. about 1yr old. $40 Jebo skimmer 18" and 12" as pic shown. both for $10 , call 96329106 collect near clementi.
  7. I fully agreed this is a free and open market. you paid for it if you think is worth, if not we just leave it to those who appreciate it. I supposed bro Glenn can fetched higher price if open for bid since it is rare in the market. my friend ever bought a pair of true pecular $300 just because their color pattern of lining slight different with others. which he know cost of most true pec is only $30 in the market. not to mentioned ppl paid few thousand for LoHan. So, what else we can comments?
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