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  1. Yes, please PM me the location you got that lamp. Thanks!
  2. I have a 15 x 15 cm tank (yes, it's true) and I was wondering what's the easiest way to light this. The regular clip-on spotlights for PL bulbs can't twist very well; the bulb ends up outside of the tank rather than directly over it.
  3. I can meet you in bukit timah do let me know if they're still available. Thanks!
  4. I'm interested in the 4 normal mushrooms without zoos. Which area of seletar? It's a bit out of the way so I need to plan my time and route.
  5. Looking for some replacements for my filter. Where can I buy Jebo canistter filter tubing and accessories?
  6. does anyone have some tiny xenia frags for sale?
  7. Can I know how big your fungia is, fully expanded?
  8. I've noticed my mushrooms losing color. I use a 14w PC 6500k lamp in my 1.5 gallon tank. Would love to put in a blue tube, but actinic doesn't come this tiny.
  9. You selling plankton now? Hehe
  10. I want 1 each of xenia and monti!! Any left? Can you meet on fri or sat morning?
  11. After 3 weeks closed up in my tank, it opened, but the polyps were all white. And that's the way it has been for the past 3 weeks. But the thing is, even though it's white, the pink mat is spreading. How can I get the color back? Is it even possible?
  12. Har? Is it reserved for me at absolutereef?
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