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  1. https://aquatics.sg/collections/tropic-marin/products/tropic-marin-carbocalcium-powder-1400-g-3-lbs Selling only $50 - Free half a bottle WA 93221328
  2. Thanks, your Nitrate is it considered high? but your SPS is still good.
  3. Bro, How's your PO3 and NO4? and where do you get the AE Cleanse? Thanks in Advance.
  4. $70 colony sold, Left The $80 colony and GSP
  5. WA 93221328 collect at Sembawang $80 very stable, bigger than men's fist. $70 Bigger, than lady fist size Ultra GSP $30
  6. WA 93221328 for Actual photo Condition is Excellent and under warranty Photo from website
  7. Asking $250 only WA 93221328 Great thing about Deltec skimmer is, it won't "skim overflow"! As it has an overflow prevention system. New is $850, selling cheap now. https://aquatics.sg/products/deltec-skimmer-1500ix
  8. Please note, cabinet is pure white. Currently looking orangey is due to filter lents
  9. Update of rock, bleached and cleaned.
  10. Lobo sold, the other 2 still available. Candy cane is nice and fluffy,
  11. WA 93221328 $50 or trade with any SPS colony. Few LED not working. Change mother board will solve the problem but cost $105 but comes with 1 year warranty.
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