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  1. the problem is that the shop doesn't want to take it back.
  2. thanks for the support. looking at higher price. thanks
  3. i got a new samsung 7series LCD 40inch tv for sale. just bought today. realised it is too small. bought at 2700+ Pm me with your best offer.
  4. got some live rocks for sale. PM me for the details
  5. 1 x Eheim Professional Filter model no2228 Pump output : 1050L/hr Used for 1 yr plus( tip top condition) selling at $120 1 x hailea chiller(new) Model: HC-150A Electric Current: 1.1A(2.2A) Power: 1/10 HP Referigeration Capacity: 50~400L Rate of flow: 250~1200L/H Weight: 15Kg Size: 420 x 248 x 365mm selling at $350 1 x hailea chiller (Used for 2 months and change with external thermoset) MODEL: HC-300A ELECTRIC CURRENT: 1.8A POWER: 1/4HP REFRIGERATION CAPACITY: 300L/600L RATE OF FLOW: 1000-2500L/H WEIGHT: 20kg SIZE(mm): 475 x 360 x 490 selling at $450 1 x 39W(3tubes fixture) from NA Used for 6 months selling at $80 ALL the above equipment is used for freshwater. so the condition is still in tip top.
  6. want to sell 2 set of DE retrofits t5. using phillips 10k bulbs. previously used for planted. those interested can PM me with your Quote.
  7. looking for either 3 or 4 feet MH fixtures. it u got a pair of hanging pendent also will do. PM me if u got any for sale. 150W(10K bulbs) only.
  8. anyone got any for sale? PM me if u got one for sale
  9. can check out timbre. it's near YMCA
  10. it's suitable for nano tank only.the cooling power depending on how much lighting and equipment u are running
  11. collection where? wad's ur number?
  12. how much do u want to sell? wad's ur contact number?
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