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  1. Hi guys, Am looking to buy some chaeto, would prefer to deal west side. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Bunster Just lazy to post haha The MI's my little miracle baby. Got it last June from Wong Loy Kee for dirt cheap, but it was in bad shape (skinny, pale and missing its streamer). Now it's the boss of my tank.
  3. As of July 2015 Om Nom Nom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JFyHUEpjqg
  4. Got a tube of silicone lying around, think I'll seal them with it lol, thanks for the advice!
  5. Thanks! Haha, actually I'm contemplating keeping seahorses in there
  6. It seems happy enough, it's producing quite a bit of oxygen bubbles, and I leave the lights on 20 hours a day
  7. The light is pretty much encased in its plastic housing, plus, I've covered all exposed screws with insulation tape
  8. Some updates: My virgin attempt at a refugium
  9. But so very pretty! I'm a sucker for minimalistic designs hahaha
  10. Yup, will be adding stuff over time I got my Eshopps overflow from ebay; It works so well to the point where the huge flow of water causes a noise problem. It also sucks in a fair bit of bubbles, but I've built a bubble trap in my sump so it doesn't get sucked back into the tank. However, I think I might probably switch to Mame Overflow in future And yes I'm really digging the Pharos LED :D
  11. Tank - ADA 60-p - DIY sump made from a tank I picked up from Poly Art at Clementi and acrylic sheets from Art Friend Hardware - Eheim 2228 canister which functions as my return pump and holds live rocks - el cheapo Boyu protein skimmer - Vortech MP10 - Pharos LED with wireless module - Eshopps PF-Nano Overflow Box - Hailea HC-100A Chiller Livestock (ported from old tank) - My two clowns (which I still have no luck getting a proper photo) - Assorted zoas and shrooms
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