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  1. I auto-dose, so on initial setup, I tested the key parameters (CA/Mg/kH) weekly to establish the consumption needs of the corals. Thereafter, every other week. NO3 and PO4 are almost always undetectable or close to zero, so I hardly test for those. As for test kits, any of the reputable brands should work. I currently use Salifert.
  2. More colours.... one of my favourite Acropora, the Raspberry Millepora
  3. RBM sprouting new growth tips after a year in hybernation.
  4. Happy New Year fellow reefers! Some colours to start things off this new year.... SSC as colourful as ever but growing ever so slowly.
  5. Close-up pics below. Miyagi Tort 20 Pikachu 20 Orange milli 25 Indigo-Violet 25 Take all for 80. Pls PM me if keen. Thanks *Note: Frags are from overgrown corals, reefscaping or broken branches when removing bases from maricultured specimens
  6. This small "colony" is approximately 3 inches with several branches and growth tips, and is fully encrusted and coloured up (pics below). It's been growing out for about a year. However, due to space constraints, I'm letting it go... for 130. The intense blue (body and polyps) makes this Acropora standout and a centrepiece in any reef. Pls PM me if keen. Thanks.
  7. Last piece, German blue polyp acropora, clearing at 35. Stable, encrusted with multiple branches and coloured up.
  8. German blue polyp acropora still available. Pls PM if keen. Thanks.
  9. Close up pics. Yellow-tip pink seriatopora (birdsnest), encrusted multi-branch 25 Thin-branch pink stylopora, encrusted with several branches 20 ´┐╝Lemonade Anacropora 8. Tri-colour Valida multi-branch 25 German blue polyp acropora, encrusted with multiple branches 50 Pls PM if interested. Thanks.
  10. Clockwise... 1. Jade Digi, encrusted multi-branch 12 2. Ultra blue Hoeksemai, encrusted 1.5cm 20 3. Bright green poci, encrusted w a few branches 5 4. 'Bird of Paradise' birdsnest, encrusted multi-branch 15 5. Montipora Setosa, encrusted 15 Take all for 50. Pls PM if interested. Thanks.
  11. Here are a couple of frags trimmed over time from overgrown corals or during reefscaping. Miyagi Tort 4-5cm w multiple branches and nice growth. 40 Salmon pink digi 2cm. 8 Pikachu, encrusted w a few branches. 20 Setosa, encrusted and branching. 35 Indigo-Violet Acropora, encrusted w several branches. 35 Pls PM if interested. Thanks.
  12. The following are still available, priced to clear. Pls PM if keen. Thanks. Montipora Capitata (Appleberry) 20 Indigo-Violet Acro 25 Lemonade Anacropora 10
  13. It's been awhile since I last took a FTS, and this is my first with an orange lens filter. Here's the reef at fifteen months after some re-scaping.
  14. Tri-colour Acropora Valida, fully encrusted with multiple branches 35 German Blue Polyp Acropora, fully encrusted with several branches and growth tips. 45 Montipora Capitata, encrusted, purple polyps with a creamy yellow body. 30 Intense Indigo-Violet Acropora with white polyps, encrusted with several branches and growth tips. 35 Lemonade Anacropora, branching. 15 Pls PM if interested. Thanks.
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