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  1. Appleberry, Tri-colour and Interstellar Acro still available. Pls PM if you're interested and have any questions. Thanks. Here are other pics of the Interstellar Acropora for reference. Body colour is indigo-blue with yellowish highlights on the corallites and growth tips. And polyps are creamy-white.
  2. Miyagi Tort 30 Branching Appleberry 60 Tri-colour 45 Bird of Paradise 25 Interstellar 120 Pls PM if interested. Thanks.
  3. Haha. Looking forward to it! I really like the effect you created with the encrusting monti carpeting the base of the tank.
  4. Joe.... simply inspirational!
  5. Awesome nano and beautiful corals! Thanks for sharing bro.
  6. A beautiful mixed reef! Thanks for sharing....
  7. Sorry to hear about the AEFW bro. Suggest continue monitoring for signs. Dip anything that you suspect might be infested. And glue down the eggs if there are any. Just my two cents. Thanks for sharing the tank and coral pics, it's looking up
  8. any photo to view your stylo?

    1. benheer


      Can I take the Stylo?

    2. danano


      What's your mobile? I'll WA you the photo.

    3. benheer
  9. receive your message late. got from another reefer already..any other interesting sps to share?

  10. WEEKEND SPECIAL 1/4 Daeil (Arctica OEM) Chiller $490 Eheim 1250 $75 Pls PM me if interested.
  11. WEEKEND SPECIAL 1/4 Daeil (Arctica OEM) Chiller $490 Eheim 1250 $75 Pls PM me if interested. Thanks.
  12. Collect this week and it's yours for only $80/set.
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