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  1. Thanks Leon and Alex. That's the idea, to be able to grow and colour-up corals throughout the tank, even the partially shaded areas. I'm now faced with a new challenge, getting sufficient flow down the middle. I just added two wavemakers on the side to eliminate some "dead spots" but I feel it's still not enough.
  2. Here's another top view. Love how the tables are growing out. Looks like I'll need to rescape soon....
  3. Thanks Leon . You're absolutely right, there's sufficient light intensity and coverage to grow corals edge to edge, top to bottom. Really happy with the AI Hydras. Here's a view from the top of part of the reefscape.
  4. FTS at 17 months. As the corals grow, it's a continuous cycle.... reef, rescape, repeat. A modular reefscape with standalone mounds serves the purpose well.
  5. All reserved/sold. Thanks.
  6. Clearing space.... Microclados - peachy body with baby blue growth and yellow corallites and tips, several branches and growth tips, fully encrusted and coloured up 45 <Close-up pic> Seriatopora colony (fist size) with fluffy white polyps and yellowish growth tips 80 OZ purple bonsai, small colony with multiple branches, fully encrusted and coloured-up 60 Take all three for 170. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  7. Reef is doing well and I'm removing a few pieces to declutter, making space for corals to grow out. Here's a light orange with green polyps millepora colony. Approx 5-6". 120 And a yellow tip with fluffy white polyps seriatopora colony. About fist size. 80 Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  8. Oops, accidentally posted in the middle of editing
  9. Lemonade anacropora ~3cm branching 12 Purple montipora ~4cm 12 Galaxy montipora (purple polyps) ~3cm 10 Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  10. The 125G is just over a year now. Here's a FTS of the reef at 12 months. Being sps dominant, stable water parameters are a must. Ample light and flow too. I try to keep things as simple as possible. I run the Balling method and auto dose the major and minor elements. Aside from that, I have filter wool replaced weekly in acrylic sock holders, a large protein skimmer, and a refugium with chaeto that I prune monthly. There's a small 13W UV pump in the sump as well. 10% weekly water changes. I introduced beneficial bacteria from the start to get the tank seeded and cycled. Regular dosing (every other week) of bacteria helps to keep nitrates and phosphates in check too, especially when bioload is elevated. Auto water top-up is gravity fed and controlled with a float valve. Fish are fed a pellets, flake, freeze-dried black worms and/or nori once or twice daily. Corals get amino acids.
  11. 1. Red Millepora with yellow growth tips, fully encrusted with multiple branches $35 2. Blue Spathulata, fully encrusted with a few growth tips $35 3. Seriatopora (Ponape Birdsnest), branching lime green with pink tips $35 4. Microclados, fully encrusted with yellow corallites and growth tips $25 5. Bright lemon-lime pocillopora, branching $25 Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  12. Thanks the kind words, Tay and Win. Tay, I use an Olympus TG5. Camera comes with built-in presets, fairly simple to use and it takes good shots.
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