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  1. Just trimmed the overgrown "Bird of Paradise" Birdsnest mother colony today. Here are a few pieces available. #1. 20 #2. 15 #3. 10 (for all the small frags) For reference, here's a photo of the mother colony (on the left). If interested, pls PM me. Thanks
  2. Cleaning the tank and the magnet cleaner broke a chunk off the Purple Monti Cap which was growing too close to the glass. Almost 4" across. 25 Fiber Optic Poci colony. Approx 4" X 3". Nice shape. Bright ("fibre-optic") green polyps with light purple tips. A piece that's outgrown my tank. 60 'Bird of Paradise" Birdsnest, a small colony. Nice shape. 35 A. Latistella (RED), stable, encrusted, colourful. 40 Montipora, purple-blue polyps against a creamy yellow body. Nice colour contrast and a unique growth form. 20
  3. Blue Hoeksemai, encrusted, ~4.5". Whole piece for 80 or half for 40. Pls PM if keen. Thanks
  4. Bubblegum Digi reserved. Blue Hoeksemai and Miyagi Tort still available.
  5. *Close up pics Blue Hoeksemai, ~4.5 inches, encrusted. 80 Miyagi Tort 35 Bubblegum Digi 15 Pls PM me if interested. Thanks.
  6. Light orange w green polyps Millepora colony 75 Red Millepora colony 65 Take both for 120. Pls PM if keen.
  7. Birdsnest and table reserved. Pikachu remaining. Pls PM if keen. Thanks.
  8. Here are the pics of the BN, Pikachu and Superman table in sequence.
  9. Yellow tip pink birdsnest, mini colony 25 Pikachu, a small frag encrusting 15 Superman table, fully encrusted 45 Pls PM me if keen. Thanks.
  10. I auto-dose, so on initial setup, I tested the key parameters (CA/Mg/kH) weekly to establish the consumption needs of the corals. Thereafter, every other week. NO3 and PO4 are almost always undetectable or close to zero, so I hardly test for those. As for test kits, any of the reputable brands should work. I currently use Salifert.
  11. More colours.... one of my favourite Acropora, the Raspberry Millepora
  12. RBM sprouting new growth tips after a year in hybernation.
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