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  1. is this product still selling in the market ? i cant find it anymore ... anyone know where can i get it ?
  2. i think so... but is not those normal air sucking noise. this is damm loud.
  3. Hi... can anyone help me on this.. i bought a new pump. Atman AT-105 for my weipro skimmer 2013. i dun koe why the pump cause the weipro skimmer to be so noisy. why i unplug the pump and run the pump itself, the pump is running quietly, but when i plug it to the skimmer, it was so noisy, i dun koe where is it from. i had no problem on this wif my old pump(dymax 2500). do anyone had this prob b4? anyone can help to solve ? thank thanks
  4. hi, my pump impellor turned rusty in the water, i tried to clean away the rust, but there is still some area which is unreachable, hence cant be clean, and the rust remain. Isit advisable to still use it in the water? will the rust 'dirty' the water and cause harm to the fishes?
  5. anyone know the good procedures to pair 2 marron clown together?
  6. once i had experiences with my common clownfish with white spot, i tried to fight it with fresh water dip, in a day when the white spot is serious, it got better after the fresh water dip, this goes on and off and it cant get rid completely.....till one day, i use a freshwater fish keepin knowledges....that is placing heater stick when my freshwater fishes got white spot....which will rid the white spot. So i took my clown fish and i dip into fresh warm water, and till now white spot is completely gone.
  7. how about chaetos...which LFS selling ?
  8. my clownfish cant swim anymore....and is juz lik floating around in the water for the past days...i notice the stomach is very big and it kept 'shitting' bubbles out.... It still eating ....but it cant swim anymore... How can i help my clownfish back to normal
  9. i have a bad experience ..... i went to tis shop ....i lookin at 2 common clown fish...those cheap and normal onez...usually it cost only $1 each. Well, tat day i went... b4 i 'catch' the fish... i ask about the price first... i ask a Mrs 'A'...she say $3 each....i say i buy from u last time at $1 each only...and then she told me because is was imported this time round(which i choose to believe) then after tat she say ok lah... i charge u @ $2 each...giv u discount. then i oso ok lor... so i catch 2 fishes. then when i went to pay for it.... it was then a different person....he see my 2 f
  10. Hi All, I have this thinking that.... since skimmer is always taking out water from the tank and we have been toppin up the water to replace the evaporate water/water removed by the skimmer. can we add a certain amount of salt into the top up water to balance out the water taken out by the skimmer and hence this can be considered water changed? and this water out and water in...can we skipped the normal regular water change procedures?
  11. Hi AT...jealous of you lei... need not change water with only chaetos growing? any extra tips for us to reach the 'no need change water?
  12. hi all, i have a 3 compartments sump: (1)water in, wool filter, bio ring, skimmer ---> (2) 10 inchs DSB ---> (3) return pump 10 inch DSB in my sump, in the centre compartment, i see black coloured area in my DSB. Why is there black colour, isit the lack of flow of water to tat part of area? isit alrite? i have also see many 'holes' in the DSB, i assume the DSB is working and had the nitrogen(holes) converted. is the black colour area a dangerous sign for my tank?
  13. why my 10 inch DSB got black colour in it?? can anyone help? isit working correctly? i have also see 'holes'(nitrogen) in the sand ....
  14. Hi all, can this circuit really works? what type of relay should i use?....
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