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  1. I'm thinking of giving away my pair of golden trevally for adoption. Anybody interested? Their quite doing well but they've become too big for my 2ft tank... their both 2.5in now...
  2. guys... i'll check them out... bro james, any ideas on what are the problems of the first batch?
  3. Hi, Does anyone know any distributor of Tunze Nanostream aside from AM and Reefdepot? I've been looking for it for a few weeks now and the stocks at those two shops have no definite date of arrival yet... thanks, zurc
  4. I just bought my first PDA phone, O2 Stealth.... one of the features i liked about this is that you have the option of using the phone's keypad for SMS-ing... but here's the catch, you can ONLY use eZiText software to type your message... there's no way to turn off the annoying pop-up dictionary of that software... so the feature of having a normal phone keypad is really POINTLESS & USELESS!
  5. selling at S$120... good enough for 10g nanos... still has ard 2 months warranty... reason for selling: stopped using it 'coz i got a bigger tank... kindly pm me if your interested... thanks! zurc
  6. upz... price reduced to $130...
  7. thanks bro, just read a few articles regarding this fish after reading your reply... and yeah they eat a lot... i just hope they don't bother their tank mates...
  8. any particular behavior that I should know about this fish???
  9. the current price of the macbook model on the promo is 2248... and the total amount you'll have to pay in 36months is 3136... so in effect, you'll be paying for ~25+ for your singtel broadband... the rest would be just like paying the macbook... well i think you'd still be able to save on this, 'coz if you buy a macbook with 36month-installment plan and continue to pay 68 for starhub, you'll be paying ~130+ a month..., http://www.applecentreorchard.com/promotions.htm If you haven't used a mac before, then prepare to face a little bit of frustrations... i've got friends who are still scratching their heads and tell me, "in windows i can do this and that... how come i can't do it on my mac?" But once you've "acclimated" yourself to using macs, you'll love it... cheers, zurc
  10. i agree... the molted skin looks almost exactly like a rotting, dead hermit crab... seen it a few times already, and i still wonder everytime whether i'm seeing a dead crab or just the skin... anyway, what I can suggest is, spot check your tank during the night with a flashlight... when all lights are out... you might actually see your hermit crab happily crawling around...
  11. used it only for 3 months... rated output is 300L/hr pls pm me if interested... thanks...
  12. still has 3 months supplier warranty... good enough for nano tanks with upto 60L of water... price is S$150, pm me if your interested... thanks.
  13. i think it will depend on the quality of your water and the size of your tank... if you have a small tank and your water parameters doesn't read well, then it's going to deteriorate fast... you might loose the less hardy LS... a water change every hour might help... i think...
  14. i'm selling it at $160... i bought it first week of June this year... still has 3+ months of warranty... any takers? collection is at Central Grove (near Aljunied MRT)... kindly pm me if you're interested...
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